woman calling on her cell phone calling her local rehab center for help with addiction

Get Help for Yourself

Drug addiction can be incredibly isolating and can contribute to high amounts of disordered thinking. One of the best steps you can take if you are struggling with alcohol addiction or drug addiction is to get rehab help for yourself. 

We’re going to look at when it may be right to get help for your addiction, what your treatment options may be, and what to do if you may be battling mental illness and substance abuse at the same time. 

Is My Addiction Bad Enough? When to Go to Rehab

Knowing when you should seek treatment is one of the most important things to be able to recognize. Many people wonder if their addiction is bad enough for them to justify checking into rehab.  

The first sign that you should get treatment is if your addiction has started to impact your daily life. Even if the impact doesn’t seem particularly negative, the effect is enough to warrant professional intervention. 

Another significant sign is experiencing withdrawal symptoms when not using substances or drinking alcohol. The severity of the symptoms does not matter, only their eventual development. This indicates that you have a dependency on the substance and that professional help is needed.

Understanding the Severity of Your Addiction

By working with an addiction specialist, you will be able to determine the clinical severity of your addiction. Knowing this can help you and your treatment professional to guide your treatment plan creation. Knowing ahead of time that your addiction may be considered severe can help you enroll in the proper treatment program initially.

Break Free From Addiction at Absolute Awakenings

Absolute Awakenings has clinicians on hand to help you work through your addictions, and for those that also have dual diagnosis needs resulting from co-occurring conditions, the clinicians are specially-trained. This means that for those battling substance use disorders in conjunction with mental illnesses, all the treatments can be combined into an effective dual diagnosis treatment plan.

Getting the Help You Deserve

Drug addiction can be very isolating, and can induce feelings of great shame in the individual battling the addiction. It’s important to remember, however, that you are worthy of help and that you deserve the professional expertise that Absolute Awakenings can provide. All you need to do is take the first step and reach out.

What Are Your Treatment Options at Absolute Awakenings?

Absolute Awakenings offers a wide range of treatment options, depending on your treatment needs and your level of commitment. The three most popular treatment options in New Jersey are what Absolute Awakenings specializes in. 

They have an outpatient treatment program for those that need the ultimate flexibility while still getting clinical support and recovery education. This program only requires a minimal investment of time and can allow the patient to remain employed or enrolled in school.

Absolute Awakenings also offers an intensive outpatient program for those that need the flexibility of outpatient care, with a more intense focus. There will be more hours of attendance each week, with the patient showing up for treatment 3-4 days each week for several hours, depending on their needs. 

The final treatment option offered by Absolute Awakenings is their partial hospitalization program. This program requires a significant commitment and will see the patient checking in to a treatment facility daily for 6-8 hours. This time will be spent in counseling sessions, both group and individual, as well as in therapy and recovery education.

Making the Right Treatment Choices For You

Only you know if the time is right for you to seek professional help battling your addiction. No matter what your treatment needs are, the treatment experts at Absolute Awakenings can help you create a treatment plan tailored specifically to your needs.