Finding the Right Drug Rehab in NJ

Not all drug rehabilitation facilities in New Jersey (NJ) are equal. To find the right drug rehab in NJ, there’s a few things to know. Since a quality rehab is the first step toward lasting sobriety, it’s important that it be equipped to provide the best possible care. Here’s 7 things to look for if you need a good drug rehab in NJ:

  • Qualified, experienced staff
  • Third-party accreditation
  • Extensive therapy options
  • Personalized treatment planning
  • Aftercare assistance
  • Financing options

Here’s why these so important for your treatment.

Qualified Staff

A rehab is only as good as the people who work at it. When you’re seeking a drug rehab in NJ, you should be looking at the credentials of the entire staff. If there are qualified leaders, it creates a more therapeutic environment. As a result, the care you’ll receive is better. Here’s a few of the signs of a qualified staff:

  • Advanced degrees – Doctorates in the psychology or psychiatry fields are excellent. Master’s degrees are likewise very important.
  • Board certifications – The field of psychology is very broad. This means that there’s many certifications that a therapist can obtain. When many staff members have multiple board certifications, they’re able to provide many types of care.
  • Experience – The longer staff members have been working in the field of substance abuse recovery, the better. They’ll have more knowledge about helping with real-world problems.
  • Variation in specialty – When different members of a rehab staff have different focuses, they can work together to solve problems. Then, their different experience makes the overall care of the facility is better.

Third-party Accreditation

Any drug rehab in NJ can claim to be the best. This is because “best” can mean whatever they want it to mean. However, it is much more difficult to receive certifications from official groups. The first accreditation to look for is Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and the Commission On Accreditation Of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). The second one is Membership in the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) and LegitScript certification.

<h2>Extensive Therapy Options</h2>

Substance Use Disorder (SUD) touches every part of a person’s existence. Which means the person’s recovery must also reach every area of their life. Because many people with SUD have difficulty managing their emotions, they need coping mechanisms. They also need tools to assist with their relationships. This includes better communication skills within their family. Therefore, a drug rehab should teach these things. They do this by using many types of treatment. Here’s some of the most important types of therapy:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or another behavioral therapy.
  • Group therapy sessions.
  • 12-step or other support groups.
  • Individual talk therapy.
  • Medically-Assisted Treatment (MAT).
  • Avoiding relapse.

Since each of these helps in a different way, the more a rehab offers, the better they’re able to help with recovery.

Shows a woman receiving therapy at a drug rehab in NJ

Personalized Treatment Planning

Every person in rehab is unique. For that reason, each treatment plan should be unique. For example, someone may suffer from a serious mental disorder. They will need a different set of treatments to help them. On the contrary, a person who has a history of trauma may not respond to the same treatment. Likewise, men and women have different needs in recovery. Hence, the way a rehab treats each person must be specialized.

Any decent drug rehab in NJ will treat people like individuals. They will work with each person’s needs to create a plan to help them succeed. Generally, it’s best to avoid rehabs that provide a “one-size-fits-all” treatment program. Instead, focus on those that work with you from the beginning to address your special needs. This should include comprehensive mental health care. Sobriety is about dealing with all the problems of life. A drug rehab should know this and do everything possible to address every problem.

Personalized treatment should also focus on your particular drug use habits. For instance, opioid users have different needs than methamphetamine users. Alcohol users will need different care than either one. And those who use various substances will have different requirements still. A solid treatment strategy takes all this into account and works with you to find the best way to assist you.

Aftercare Assistance

Sobriety is a daily struggle. In order to get through that struggle, you need help. Good drug rehab facilities provide that help in an ongoing basis. Otherwise, you’re likely to use again. Even if you don’t, the battle is harder.

Part of any rehab’s treatment plan should include lasting care. The purpose of this is to help you deal with sober life. There’s many ways a rehab can do this. Some of the best programs include these treatment options for continuing your sober journey:

The goal of rehab is to do more than get you clean. It’s to improve and rehabilitate your life in every way. A drug rehab should help you do this.

Financing Options

Most people with substance use troubles also have money problems. This is because substance use is expensive. It also makes it difficult to find or keep a job. Therefore, paying for treatment is almost always a concern. But money shouldn’t stop you from getting the care you deserve. This is why any respectable drug rehab in NJ will find a way to help you pay for your care. Most rehabs will work with some form of insurance. They will also find ways to help Medicare or Medicaid pay for part of your treatment. When insurance isn’t enough, they will find alternative financing options. They’ll often provide private loans with easy payment schedules.

Find treatment facilities that will help you create a method for payment. They should have staff members who are specially trained to do this. Before you ever start, they should help you put a plan in place so that you’re not burdened with bills you can’t pay.

Get Help Now at the Best Drug Rehab in NJ

If you need a drug rehab in NJ, let us help. Our staff is accredited. They are qualified and experienced. Most importantly, they are ready to aid you in planning your recovery. We assist each person in finding the ideal way to live their best life. We custom-tailor your recovery to suit you. By working around your schedule and assessing your needs, we find out which of our programs will benefit you the most. We’ll work with any financial situation and use every resource we can to give you care. Don’t let substance use drag you down any farther. Call today and begin your path back to you.