Finding Healthy New Passions in Early Sobriety

Finding Healthy New Passions in Early Sobriety

One of the reasons many of us turned to a life of addiction was because we were unhappy, therefore it's time to reverse that into happiness.

Being someone who has struggled with addiction for 25 plus years myself, I have always said that if I could finally figure out exactly what it takes to stay sober, that I would help others to achieve sobriety. I am finally getting the chance to do that.

Addiction and Alcoholism are two of the toughest diseases to beat and treat. Addiction is a chronic relapsing disease. Some people will go through several stents of treatment over years and continue having issues with relapse. So what are the secrets to maintaining sobriety and achieving a long-lasting recovery?

The number one most important secret is being ready to quit and being willing to go to any length necessary to maintain your sobriety. Number two is going through a treatment program. Number three is addressing any untreated mental health issues and getting the proper treatment. And number four is finding your purpose, passion, and/or what genuinely makes you happy other than substance abuse.

Finding Healthy New Passions in Early Sobriety

Find Your Purpose or Passion in Addiction Recovery

Early sobriety can be tough to get through without relapsing. Your brain and body are detoxing and going through withdrawal, you may physically feel terrible, the emotions that you have numbed for years are returning, and you start thinking back on all of the terrible things you may have done through your addiction. Addiction makes us hurt the people we love and care about the most. You have to forgive yourself first and foremost. Then you will eventually be able to make amends with those you have hurt.

Give Back With Involvement in a Sober Support Group

As the days go by, and the more clean time you get, the more you grow and learn about yourself. We know that one of the main reasons we ever turned to a life of addiction is because we were so unhappy. Discovering what makes you happy and what you truly enjoy doing (finding your purpose) is extremely important in early sobriety. Do you like to help people? Giving back in recovery is huge! What are you passionate about? Do you like to cook? Do you like to write? Is there something you have always wanted to learn to do, maybe a skill or trade? Maybe you like to workout. Find something you really enjoy doing and then pursue that as a career. There is absolutely nothing that you can’t achieve with sobriety, drive, and determination. Your happiness is of utmost importance in maintaining long-lasting sobriety.

Build Relationships and Inspire Others

Developing new relationships is another important part of recovery. You cannot safely go back around people that you were actively using with and expect to stay sober; it won’t happen. People that are down want nothing more than for you to stay down with them. Find new healthy friends to spend time with. Strive to inspire others in your recovery. Get involved in recovery groups and help people that are still struggling. Helping others will help you! Rehab teaches us how to cope, handle daily stressors, and make better decisions. We have to apply what we learn in treatment into our daily lives to have a healthier future. We are not our addiction; we are the sum of our choices. Better choices make us happier and better people.

Addicted and Searching for Professional Help?

If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction, our addiction specialists are available around the clock to assist you. Absolute Awakenings follows an evidence-based approach to treating substance abuse disorders. We are committed to providing long-term recovery for those struggling with addiction. Recovery is not a one size fits all approach, so every person that walks through our doors is provided with a unique and individualized experience. Our recovery specialists are waiting to assist you day or night with any questions you may have.