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Our drug rehab in New Jersey is dedicated to helping people conquer addiction and build a rewarding life in recovery. Call now and begin your recovery journey with us.

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    Welcome to our New Jersey

    Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation centers in NJ

    Absolute Awakenings is ready to help you overcome the challenge of addiction. Whether you need help with Xanax addiction, meth addiction or you are looking for alcohol treatment programs, we are the drug rehab in NJ you’ve been looking for. Read on to learn about what makes Absolute Awakenings unique among rehabs in NJ.

    What We Treat at Our Rehabs in NJ

    These are just a few of the addictions our rehab centers in NJ can help you overcome. Our New Jersey opioid addiction treatment is second to none. Get the help you need and deserve with us.

    Drug Treatment

    Many people are addicted to more than one drug. We are experts in treating polysubstance dependence. We understand the challenges and how to overcome them.

    Opioid Treatment

    Absolute Awakenings is one of the leaders in New Jersey opioid addiction treatment. We can help you transform your life and escape the cycle of destruction.

    Heroin Treatment

    Our NJ heroin treatment center can provide the help you or your loved one desperately needs. Find out how our evidence-based care is changing lives.

    Alcohol Treatment Programs

    Whether you are looking for outpatient alcohol treatment in NJ, or you want a full course of treatment, our alcohol rehab center in Oxford can help!

    Xanax Addiction

    If you are looking for treatment for Xanax addiction or struggling with another benzodiazepine or sleep medication like Ambien, we can help.

    Crack Cocaine

    Addiction to Crack destroys families and ruins lives. We can help you stop the destruction in it’s tracks and begin to rebuild your life.

    Prescription Pill Rehab

    Stop the cycle of addiction. Absolute Awakenings drug rehab in New Jersey can help you reclaim your health and your life. Don’t lose another day.

    Cocaine Treatment

    Cocaine addiction devastates marriages and ruins futures. You don’t have to continue the path you’re on. We can help you end the madness.

    Methamphetamine Rehab

    Crystal methamphetamine treatment programs like ours are designed to restore peace of mind. Escaping meth addiction requires the right kind of help.

    What Our Clients Say

    The best evidence of the Absolute Awakenings advantage is found in the stories of hope from the people we’ve helped.
    We are incredibly proud of the people who’ve graduated from our program and are thriving in recovery.

    “I came here with just $1.96 in my pocket in search of a new direction. I was accepted in under the whiskey tango foxtrot scholarship thankfully! I had no where to go these guys were here for me every step of the way thank you everyone for giving me direction and the foundation to build upon!!!”

    Alexander Turner

    Review From Google

    “I know the owners personally and the level of professionalism, integrity & client care at Absolute Awakenings is exactly what you need when treating substance abuse & rehabilitating your life. They will go to any feasible length to help you heal mentally, emotionally & physically. They are real people with real experience & big hearts!”

    Erika Fahy

    Review From Google

    “When I was getting sober 2 years ago, I met the owners of Absolute Awakenings before they opened. They helped me get sober then. They have a passion for recovery! They took me to loads of recovery meetings and we did lots of sober activities together. They taught me that recovery is more than just not using substances and laid a path showing me ways to feel better without drugs and alcohol.”

    Jeffrey Dean

    Review From Google

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    A Better Drug Rehab in New Jersey

    Real recovery that lasts requires an Absolute Awakening. We can help you build the sober life you want.

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