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Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Bayonne, NJ

Drug addiction is one of the biggest problems facing our country right now, and it’s responsible for destroying millions of lives. There are the lives of those living with addictions, and there are the lives of those who care for them and try to get them help. There are options for drug rehab in Bayonne, New Jersey, and there is always hope. 

This treatment can become even more complex and potentially hard to find when it is combined with another disorder. In some cases, the addicted individual is only living with a substance use disorder, but there are some times when they may also have a diagnosed or undiagnosed mental issue. This is called having a co-occurring disorder, and it can be incredibly hard to diagnose sometimes.

Addiction and Mental Health Diagnosis Statistics in Bayonne New Jersey

Addiction in Hudson county and Bayonne is much more prevalent than many people think. The substance more commonly sought treatment for was heroin, with more than 38% of all treatment admissions stating they were getting treatment for heroin. Alcoholism treatment is at 23% of the entire county’s admittance, which stresses the need for alcohol rehab in Bayonne, and the preferred level of care was overwhelmingly seen to be intensive outpatient, with 23% and outpatient with 28%.

The biggest percentage of individuals admitted were single, with 86% being single or divorced. There were far more males admitted than females, with 73% and 27%. The age range responsible for the most admitted for treatment is the 35-44 group, with 23% of all the individuals seeking addiction treatment.

Types of Substance Abuse Treatments

The most popular types of substance abuse treatments are outpatient and partial hospitalization. The outpatient is often considered as far more flexible, while the partial program maintains an intense focus on regimented and scheduled living and activities. 


Outpatient programs are seen as the most flexible programs of all. They allow the patient to live at home, and in most cases they allow them to keep their job and school schedule. They live their lives normally but will have scheduled meetings, counseling sessions, and other recovery activities. The visitation requirements are often relatively relaxed, with some patients only needing to stop in once or twice a week, or even less. They can also pick support group attendance times to easily integrate with their schedule.

Intensive Outpatient

Intensive outpatient is similar to regular outpatient, but it requires much more time and deduction commitment. The patient will still live at home, but rather than a relaxed schedule of meetings and therapy sessions, you will have longer periods at the facility, with more consistent activities the entire time you’re there. Attendance will often be several times per week.

Partial Care

Partial care may sound like the easiest option, but it’s the one that requires the most commitment and time of all the treatment types. In partial care, the individual will still retain a somewhat independent life, but each day they will go to the treatment facility and “check in.” After check-in, the patient will have a full day of scheduled counseling sessions, therapy meetings, and other supportive activities. At the end of the day, they check out and go home to live their own lives.

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Local Mental Health Treatment Options

If you are looking for some of the treatment options in the Bayonne area for mental health, it can be relatively intimidating. The stigma surrounding mental health is starting to go away, and now more and more people are finding out that they have been living with a mental illness and that mental health treatment may be able to help them. 

Bayonne New Jersey Addiction and Mental Health Treatment

Occasionally, you may find that you need substance use disorder or alcoholism treatment, but you also need mental health services in Bayonne New Jersey. This combination of mental health treatment is known as treating co-occurring disorders and can be quite simple to treat once it has been diagnosed. The diagnosis is often the biggest challenge with dual diagnosis. Substance use or alcoholism will often mask or change the symptoms of the mental illness that would be used to confirm that diagnosis. Absolute Awakenings specializes in dual diagnosis treatment in Bayonne.

Finding the Right Kind of Treatment Program

Then you’ll need to find some support groups in Bayonne, and some of the most popular include AA, Alcoholics Anonymous, NA, or Narcotics Anonymous. Going into recovery can be isolating, but using the support of group therapy sessions and support groups can be priceless in such a difficult time. 

Not only do they offer the patient a way to identify with other people living with the same struggle, but they offer a safe and secure way to share with those people as well. This helps all parties heal, and makes the treatment that much more effective in the long term.

If you have previous trauma in your life, you may also benefit from using a facility that can perform trauma-informed care. This way you’ll be able to address the core trauma that is helping to enable your other addictions and mental illnesses. 

Taking the Next Steps

If you have recently finished one of the detox services in Bayonne and need to keep your continuum of care with outpatient or intensive outpatient programs, Absolute Awakenings might be a great fit. Reach out today and speak with a member of the admissions department. You can begin immediately by discussing your treatment needs in a private and confidential environment, with a local addiction professional.

The biggest reasons that you want to work with a professional for your outpatient or partial care are the knowledge and support you’ll be able to leverage, as well as the boosted chances of your recovery being able to last. Not only will you be working with some of the most experienced people in the field, but you’ll have a level of support that helps recovery last. In the end, you’ll find that recovery started with Absolute Awakenings can last.