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Drug Rehab in Franklin Township 

Drug addiction is a common disease in the US, and with millions each year suffering from the direct effects of addiction or their effects on a loved one, it’s getting worse. More and more people have had their lives negatively affected by addiction, but for residents there is help. Absolute Awakenings offers drug rehab in Franklin Township, as well as surrounding areas. Alcoholism is also becoming a more deadly problem each year, but there are also options for alcohol rehab in Franklin Township.

Treatment Services in Franklin Township, NJ

Treatment is one of the most important factors in a successful recovery. Sometimes someone will not even realize that they may need help with their addiction until they see it objectively. Many people that are living with addiction daily may not realize the extent of the danger that their substance abuse is creating. Treatment can help save families and relationships by giving the patient a chance to turn things around. 

Sometimes it just starts as too much use and becomes a compulsion. Sometimes it’s driven by childhood trauma, which can mean the individual would benefit best from trauma-informed care. Truma-informed care creates a treatment plan for the individual based on their addictions or mental illness being the symptom of greater trauma experienced previously. Using trauma-informed care on those that need it can make their mental health treatment much more effective.

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Can Co-Occurring Disorders be Treated in Franklin Township, NJ?

There is often more than one disorder at work in someone seeking addiction treatment in Franklin Township, and these simultaneous disorders are called co-occurring disorders. Getting a dual diagnosis is often being diagnosed with substance use disorder, then being diagnosed as bi-polar shortly after. They are frequently difficult diagnoses to obtain, but there are some facilities out there like Absolute Awakenings that can address them effectively.

Dual diagnosis treatment

Dual diagnosis treatment is the term for receiving both substance abuse treatment or recovery treatment, as well as treatment for a co-occurring mental illness like depression, psychosis, or bipolar. There are many forms that dual diagnosis treatment can take, according to the use disorder and the accompanying mental illnesses, and they can be notoriously hard to diagnose effectively.

Trauma-informed care program

There are some situations where excess childhood trauma can be the reason that someone eventually becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol. The resulting substance use disorder is often seen as a symptom or coping mechanism for the other underlying mental illness. The trauma is addressed as a significant part of the illness and the recovery, and it is recognized as the root cause of the initial substance or alcohol use disorder.

Finding Local Alcohol Abuse Treatment

For outpatient care, intensive outpatient, or partial care, you will need to be able to get to your designated treatment center several times each week, for several to many hours each day. Absolute Awakenings is ready to provide alcoholism treatment in Franklin Township.

Substance Abuse Programs in Franklin Township, NJ

Addiction treatment in Franklin Township covers a wide range of treatment styles, but Absolute Awakenings provides outpatient and partial care exclusively. These are the most popular treatment types in the state.


Intensive outpatient, IOP, is similar to outpatient programs that have the patient live independently or in a sober living facility, then attend meetings, counseling sessions, and therapy visits at their facility when scheduled. IOP is great for those that want to devote significant time, but who also may have school or work commitments that they cannot miss. You can still get treatment daily, and may only need to spend a few hours at the clinic.

Partial Care

Partial care is another name for the partial hospitalization program or PHP. In a PHP or partial program, the individual getting treatment can still live at home but with a far more structured life otherwise. The patient will check in to their program each morning, and check out each evening. The period between will be filled with therapy, group and solo therapy and counseling sessions, and more.

Addiction Statistics in Franklin Township, NJ

Just as in the rest of the US, Franklin Township has its share of addiction. Franklin Township has taken a stand but is still unable to completely remove the potential for dangerous addiction entirely. Franklin Township has contributed plenty of individuals to the more than 3,000 that the county recorded as having sought treatment recently, of which the vast majority, 68%, were male. 

Nearly one-fifth of all admissions were between 25 and 29 years old. Those in treatment overwhelmingly used outpatient care, 25%, and intensive outpatient, 33%, with the two accounting for more than one-half of all individuals admitted for treatment. 82% were unmarried, and 77% were living independently. Only 7% were reported to be homeless.

Local Addiction Support Groups/Therapies

In addition to support groups in Franklin County, there are additional resources for people to get help. Youth in the Franklin area can speak to the 2nd Floor Youth Helpline, and get confidential and anonymous help for young adults in New Jersey. Finding support groups in Franklin Township can be amazing.

Using group therapy, group counseling, or other support in a group or social framework is very popular and effective in mental health treatment of all kinds. Support groups can be found for nearly any illness, and with one in five adults in the US living with a mental illness, working through things and healing in a group can be highly effective. Not only can they help the patient to identify with others in similar situations, but it helps prevent feelings of isolation which are also common in recovery.

Steps For Getting Help

When you or someone you know and love has a problem with addiction and needs to get addiction treatment in Franklin Township, the best first step to take is to contact the admissions office for Absolute Awakenings. You can speak privately to an addiction professional in a confidential environment, and they can help you begin to create your personalized treatment plan.