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Montville New Jersey Addiction Resources Guide

Drug use in New Jersey is spiking, and it’s destroying more lives than ever before. Not only the lives of those addicted but the lives of their friends and loved ones as well. This has led to an increased need for mental health treatment as well as drug rehab in Montville.

Montville New Jersey Substance Abuse Statistics

The good news, however, is that out of all admissions for drug addiction in Montville, the greatest portion is seeking treatment for addiction themselves. 34% of all addicts reported being self-referrals to their treatment centers. Another quarter, however, was referred to the addiction center by the criminal justice system. Just 3% were referred by family or a friend, which highlights just how important it is for someone to truly be ready to begin recovery for it to have a better chance at success. 

How to Decide Which Program to Enter

There are many different substance abuse programs that you may encounter when you look for drug rehab in Montville, and many individuals become anxious just thinking about them. To decide what recovery program is best for you, you need to think about your goals, and which program will be more likely to help you reach those goals. There are facilities that specialize in inpatient programs, and those that specialize in outpatient programs.

Inpatient programs are often called “residential” programs. They are known as such because they frequently involve the individual living at the facility, whether it’s a clinic, hospital, or another similar setting. These programs are often known as the most intense recovery programs, due to the highly structured and therapy-heavy schedules. In addition to this, the recovering individual has essentially zero time to themselves when in a residential program, since they are often held in larger communal living spaces.

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Partial Hospitalization Programs Vs. Out-Patient Treatment Options

The most common programs that individuals will see will be outpatient services and the more intensive partial hospitalization programs. While the two will both allow the patient to remain living outside the treatment facility, they each require considerably different levels of commitment.

In an outpatient program, the resulting intensity of sessions and commitment will vary significantly. Some outpatient programs will only require the individual to attend sessions a few times each month, while others may require the individual to check in multiple times daily for several days each week. The outpatient structure will focus largely on continued care and maintaining an ongoing recovery. There will be an emphasis on meetings, groups, and other programs that can see participation according to the individual’s scheduling needs and commitments in their personal and professional life. 

Partial hospitalization programs, or PHPs, will be a far more intensive version of traditional outpatient treatment. With partial hospitalization, the individual will spend all day at a treatment facility and only go home in the evening to reflect on the day and rest. During the 6-12 hours the patient will spend at a PHP facility, they will partake in countless counseling sessions, groups, and talk therapy discussions. There will be a much greater emphasis on developing routines that do not revolve around drug use so that the individual can be much better prepared for potential independent living when treatment is stepped down. Many people combine a partial hospitalization program with a sober living home to reduce their chances of relapse as much as possible.

Other Types of Addiction Programs in Montville, NJ

Those with more significant withdrawal or detox challenges may find that their needs are better met with inpatient or “residential” treatment options. These are some of the most intensive recovery options, and they require the individual to live at the treatment facility full time. 

Other types of drug and alcoholism treatment in Montville include harm reduction programs. Since those in New Jersey are legally able to possess up to 10 hypodermic needles without any prescription, making sure that people know how to properly dispose of those needles can reduce injuries and save lives. This is where the Safe Syringe disposal program comes in and helps keep the public safe. This is an educational program that shows how to safely dispose of used sharps, by using heavy-duty plastic containers, like laundry detergent or bleach bottles, that can then be labeled as having used sharps in them. 

Finding The Right Local Resources

To make sure you have access to the right local resources, make sure your insurance is up-to-date and covers your mental health and addiction treatment needs. To find NJ insurance resources visit the NJ Medicaid site to check eligibility and begin the enrollment process. For those who may have been arrested or are facing criminal charges, the NJ drug court may have additional useful resources.

New Jersey drug courts were created specifically to help defendants that are charged with any type of drug crime, with the assistance they need to fight their addiction effectively. It helps them chart a path to sobriety, while also helping them prevent a criminal history with drug crimes on it. Their primary focus is on helping individuals find recovery, rather than punishing them after a mistake. NJ drug court usually mandates drug screening, probation, and drug rehab in Montville.

New Jersey Mental Health Resources 

In many cases dealing with mental illness that is a co-occurrent condition with substant abuse, there needs to be mental health treatment performed alongside the addiction treatment in Montville. There are several facilities that offer mental health support for drug rehab in Montville, and many of them offer treatments that can continue outside of the addiction treatment environment as well. 

If you have been considering getting treatment for a potentially undiagnosed mental illness, contact Absolute Awakenings today and discuss the options you have as both an addict and someone with mental health disorders. In the cases of dual-diagnosis, being sure that both ailments are treated at once ensures that they are going to have equal importance to the facility and faculty.

Treating just one component of a dual diagnosis virtually ensures that the individual will continue to experience difficulties keeping their addiction and mental illness in check. The treatment will need to be made to address both the addictive personality traits as well as the possible mental illness. In combination, these can be dangerous ailments to have on their own, but when each one is only half of the problem, using professional help becomes a requirement.

Treatment of mental illness is incredibly important, and failing to address mental health issues during drug and alcohol rehab in Montville can prove fatal. Depression, thoughts of self-harm, and even thoughts of suicide are not uncommon during withdrawals. If you or someone you know is going through withdrawals and feels like they may be a danger to themselves, urge them to reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 (800-273-TALK), or their website.

Local Recovery Groups 

One of the things that helps provide the individual with the best chances for a successful recovery, is finding local recovery groups and support groups in Montville. These support groups are going to consist of many people all struggling with similar compulsions or addictions. Since everyone is going through similar addictions, they are able to share openly and honestly and provide each other with an extended support network.