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Morris Plains New Jersey Drug & Alcohol Treatment

When it comes to drug and alcohol addiction, one of the only ways to successfully get clean is to seek help with treatment. Whether you decide to go with outpatient rehab or you can manage your addiction by attending local support groups in Morris Plains, such as AA or NA meetings, residents have several options when they’re ready to get clean.

Addiction and Mental Health Diagnosis Statistics in Morris Plains New Jersey

One of the commonalities amongst addicts is that many of them have turned to drugs or alcohol as a replacement for prescription medications, whether that be for physical ailments or mental health disorders. Quite often, those disorders are undiagnosed and the drugs are used to mask or fix the symptoms. Unfortunately, when people choose to self-medicate, it is not uncommon to see them build a dependence on the drugs, resulting in larger doses being needed. This can easily lead to dependency, and eventually addiction.

In Morris County, New Jersey, most of the people that ended up being admitted to addiction treatment for substance abuse treatment were being seen for alcoholism treatment, at 41% of admissions. Just behind that, 38% of admissions were for heroin use. Beyond that, very few people were seen for cocaine or other drugs.

Types of Addiction Treatment

Like with many things in life, addiction looks different for every individual, so it’s important to get the type of addiction treatment that will work for you. Some people thrive in group therapy sessions, while others aren’t so good at speaking about personal problems with so many other people. Other people may have huge success with NA meetings and outpatient rehab services, while others may need more intensive inpatient treatment.

There are a few main types of addiction treatment, including:

  • Long-term residential treatment
  • Short-term residential treatment
  • Outpatient treatment programs
  • Group counseling
  • Individualized drug counseling

Many folks end up seeking detox services in Morris Plains after getting in trouble with the law. One of the options many people are given is to go through drug rehab in Morris Plains New Jersey in lieu of incarceration. Those that are mandated by the courts to receive treatment for their addiction are more likely to stick with their programs, as they know that they are facing jail time if they don’t complete all of their necessary treatments.

Local Mental Health Treatment Options

Oftentimes, those that suffer from mental health disorders end up trying to mask their symptoms or treat their disorder by self-medicating. The good news for Morris Plains residents is that mental health treatment is very important and we have many treatment options available for anyone with mental health concerns. There’s a psychiatric treatment center for women, children, seniors, and all other adults. If you need mental health services in Morris Plains New Jersey, there is an option available for you.

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Is there Combined Addiction and Mental Health Treatment Available?

Combining addiction treatment and mental health services in Morris Plains is only available at the leading treatment facilities. This is known as dual diagnosis treatment or treatment of co-occurring disorders. What that means is that an individual is diagnosed with both a mental illness as well as either substance use disorder or alcohol use disorder at the same time. 

While this is relatively straightforward to treat, it can be incredibly hard to diagnose. The reason that co-occurring disorders are harder to diagnose is that they can be changed or even hidden entirely by substance use, or vice versa. The substances or alcohol can diminish, enhance, or hide the symptoms that may otherwise be used to diagnose the individual.

When you are looking for a facility to obtain addiction treatment, it is always good to see if they are able to provide dual diagnosis treatment if it should be needed. One of the most popular types of dual diagnosis treatment is called Trauma-Informed Care. Trauma-informed care helps treat an individual’s substance abuse or mental illness as a symptom of a previously incurred serious trauma. In many cases, this is an unresolved childhood trauma that is causing other disorders as a result.

Morris Plains New Jersey Mental Health & Addiction Treatment

Residents of Morris Plains have several options when they are looking for help with their addiction and mental health. There is a Veteran Peer Support Group hosted by the counselor and veteran Tim Slavin every first and third Thursday of each month. Aside from that, folks can enroll in one of many addiction treatment centers or alcohol rehab in Morris Plains New Jersey. If that’s not what you’re looking for, you can find support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.

How To Choose The Right Facility 

While there are a number of factors that you should consider before choosing the right facility for your treatment, one of the most important ones is the treatment types that are offered. If you need a full detox, you will probably want to make sure you find a residential facility that will allow you to live there for a few weeks.

If you are beyond that, however, and need help maintaining your sobriety while integrating back into your life, then one of the outpatient solutions might be perfect. By making sure you have the amount of freedom and independence that you want, along with the treatment framework you need, your journey to recovery will be much more comfortable.

Taking the Next Steps

If you or someone you know and care about in Morris Plains may be living and struggling with addiction, it may be time to take the next step and talk with a professional. Working with an addiction professional to build an ongoing continuum of care can give you the foundation you need for lasting sobriety. Not only will you be able to still maintain personal accountability, but you’ll be able to have the flexibility you need to get back to living your life.

By reaching out to Absolute Awakenings today, you can speak with an addiction professional that can go over the details of your treatment needs in a confidential environment. You can begin to build a personalized treatment plan that includes the right mix of intensity and flexibility to help you build a long and healthy recovery.