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Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Mount Olive

Drug addiction is a problem that grows every day, and knowing how to recognize who is at risk and what addiction looks like can be vital skills for staying healthy and getting help when needed. Knowing when to enter drug rehab in Mount Olive, or when to find mental health treatment in general, can mean all the difference in the treatments.

How Common is Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Mount Olive New Jersey?

Addiction in Mount Olive is far more common than many people might realize. Morris County accounted for 49% of all statewide addiction treatment. This means that drug rehab in Mount Olive is also going to be more common, and will frequently be seen alongside mental health treatment. County males are far more common in addiction treatment, making up 69% of the population, and women just 31%.

Local Risk Factors for Addiction

The high rate of addiction, locally, is one of the largest risk factors for addiction. More and more individuals are getting caught up in the dangers of addiction. Of the reporting addicts in one report, 38% had never had any prior legal issues. 

Though 25% were on probation/parole, with more than 40% more being in some form of legal trouble, the potential for re-offense is significant once an individual starts down a path of addiction. Drug rehab centers in Mount Olive saw 2,539 total addiction admissions, with more than 2,000 being treated for addiction for the first time ever.

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What are the Signs and Symptoms of Addiction?

One of the biggest and most important responsibilities of those close to someone with potential addiction is knowing how to recognize if an addiction is present. To officially diagnose a substance use disorder or alcohol use disorder there will generally need to be a psychologist consultation, but friends and family members can keep a closer eye on potential changes.

There will be several behavioral changes in the addicted individual. They will start to obsess about the substance, both in thought as well as action. This generally happens because the addict focuses so intently on the substance and makes it one of the biggest priorities in their life.

They will also disregard or attempt to minimize the amount of harm the substance use is causing, to their family, work, or school. Eventually, they will face a loss of control, where they want to stop using but are unable to regulate the amount they are using.

Someone who may need drug rehab in Mount Olive may also have many serious physical signs. One of the most common things that others will notice is changes in pupil dilation, being either too dilated or too constricted. Sometimes there will be a sudden change in their physique. This can progress to having bad body odor, giving less attention to their physical appearance, and looking disheveled or unkempt overall.

The addicted individual will also have some of the psychological symptoms of someone in the depths of addiction. For those close to the individual, this could look like increased anxiousness, loss of motivation, inability to maintain attention, and more. The individual may display significant changes in their emotional regulation, often becoming irritable or angry in outbursts and mood swings they cannot control.

How to Know if Rehab is Necessary

One of the first signs that you may need to look at an alcohol rehab in Mount Olive, for example, is that you begin to develop withdrawal symptoms when the substance leaves your body. Performing an honest self-assessment can also be a powerful tool. There is a list of potential criteria that you can get from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, often called the DSM-V, and the number of those criteria that you meet will determine the potential level of substance use disorder.

Some of the criteria include:

  • Experiencing cravings to use the substance
  • Neglecting aspects of your personal, professional, or educational life to use the drug
  • Not stopping the use even when it is the direct cause of problems in relationships
  • Continuing to use even if it puts the user in immediate danger
  • Taking more and more of a substance to get the desired effect
  • Taking a prescription longer, more frequently, or in higher doses, than prescribed
  • Want to cut down on the use, but cannot personally manage it
  • Giving up things that were previously important to the individual, like hobbies or other activities

Choosing the Right Local Treatment Facility 

Your recovery is one of the most important things in your life, and it’s not wise to trust just anyone with it. This means there are some things that you will need to understand about your local treatment center options before you pick one to start your recovery.

Each facility will have a different specialty and goal. This may include a general specialty, but it pays to check with the facility to see what they cater to. Some facilities specialize in a customizable continuum of care, like outpatient or partial hospitalization programs. Some will offer additional options like help finding sober living accommodations, which help an individual transition to a highly scheduled environment of accountability.

There are a ton of options for addiction treatment in Mount Olive. Sometimes just looking at the extensive options can cause intense anxiety, but it doesn’t have to be difficult if you work with a professional who has extensive local experience. Make sure the goals of the facility align with your goals and those of your recovery and make sure the commitment of the facility doesn’t end when you walk out the door.

Next Steps After Treatment in Mount Olive, NJ

Recovery is a journey, not a destination. Once you have completed the detox process, you will find other treatment options like support groups in Mount Olive that can help keep the treatment progress building for many years to come. These options allow you to maintain a life outside of the “day program”, and help commitments to work or school. T

Absolute Awakenings Can Help You Find the Right Program

If you or a loved one may need to look into addiction treatment in Mount Olive, you should reach out to Absolute Awakenings. You can speak to an addiction professional in a relaxed and confidential environment, and they can help you identify treatment options that fit your needs.