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Help for Addiction in Roxbury, NJ

Drug use is rampant in some areas of Jersey, and Roxbury sees its share. From misused prescriptions to heavily abused street narcotics, Roxbury has seen it all, which has left many people looking for alcoholism treatment and drug rehab in Roxbury New Jersey.

On top of the drug use, there is another addiction that is finding its way into homes and families earlier and earlier. It destroys lives, not only of those that abuse it but those close to them as well. Alcohol has been a problem in our country for years, and now it’s causing some residents to search for alcohol rehab in Roxbury New Jersey who never thought they would need to. 

What Does Addiction Help Mean?

Addiction help can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. To some, it may just be listening to them vent about their addiction, without any judgment or criticism. To others, addiction help helps get themselves out of addictive situations, or situations that help foster or enable addictions. 

Addiction treatment is specifically designed to help drug or alcohol addicted individuals stop the compulsive use of alcohol or their preferred drug. Addiction is a chronic, but treatable medical disease that involves a very complex interaction between the brain, neurochemicals and neurotransmitters, genetics, and even the surrounding environment.

There are many ways that someone can get addiction help, and most of them require a professional or addiction specialist of some sort. Some ways just require the people around the addict to be a little more accepting and understanding. The first step is to educate yourself and those around you, from that position it will be much easier to get support, counseling, and ultimately, help. Make sure you don’t enable harmful behavior, but also have realistic expectations of what the process of recovery might look like. 

Different Types of Addiction Programs in Roxbury New Jersey

Below are the three most common types of addiction treatment programs and mental health treatment in Roxbury New Jersey.


Outpatient is seen as the most relaxed and flexible treatment method of all. It allows the patient to remain living at their home or their existing sober living facility while attending meetings or counseling sessions sporadically at their facility. In the “step down” methodology of continuing care, outpatient treatment is often seen as the lowest level of care. 

It also requires the smallest time investment from patients. Most patients will need to spend about 5 hours each week at the facility. They live independently and can keep a job, go to school, and help their family. They have minimal accountability but substantial responsibility.

Intensive Outpatient

The intensive outpatient program is similar to the outpatient but more intensive in the visitation schedule. The patient will still be able to live at home or in a sober living facility but will have a greater number of hours each week that they’ll need to be at the facility.

Patients in an IOP will often need to invest up to 20 hours each week. There will be more frequent visits each week, those visits will need to be longer than outpatient visits but shorter than partial visits. The programs tend to be longer than partial hospitalization programs because there is a greater amount of time spent away from the treatment facility.

Partial Hospitalization

Partial hospitalization is one of the most rigorous and intensive treatment programs available without residency. It is considered a part-time treatment, and even though the patients don’t live on-site, they are often encouraged to live in sober living or similar supervised environments. 

Patients in a partial program will need to visit their facility 4-5 days each week. Each one of those visits will be 4-8 hours long and will be composed of many different counseling sessions, therapy sessions, and more. The patient will be expected to commit to 30 or more hours of treatment each week, which will often preclude them from holding a job or going to school.

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What are the Addiction Statistics in Roxbury New Jersey

In 2019, New Jersey had more than 98,000 treatment admissions, and Roxbury certainly contributed their share. The county that Roxbury belongs to saw more than 3,000 of those, of which 68% were male and 32% were female. Most age groups are relatively close in treatment representation, though the 35-44 group leads with 22% of those seeking treatment.

Nearly 30% of those admitted had no insurance, while 55% were on Medicaid. 27% held private insurance. The most preferred type of treatment or care was outpatient programs, with outpatient consisting of 25% and intensive outpatient making up 33% of the total representation. Partial hospitalization only saw 3%, but that is no doubt due to the intensity of the program.

Risk Factors for Addiction

Some of the greatest risk factors for addiction are things you can’t heavily influence. Genetics is a big factor, and it has been shown that someone with an addict in their immediate family is more likely to become an addict themselves. 

The environment you grow up in has a strong influence as well, with those growing up around drugs, or in impoverished situations being at higher risk for addiction later in life. Being exposed to or using drugs in early life has been shown to create a higher chance of addiction in adulthood.

Roxbury New Jersey Addiction Help

The Roxbury area has significant resources for addiction help and recovery. The Department of Human Services has several resources, and even though it is considered one of the best places to live in Jersey, everyone needs some help once in a while. New Jersey also offers many hotlines and websites that can help you decide if you need treatment or if someone close to you may be addicted. Be sure that as part of your treatment you look up mental health treatment and support groups in Roxbury New Jersey as well.

Other Local Addiction Resources

If you or someone you know may be struggling with addiction, one of the best resources you can use is the help of a local professional. Reach out to Absolute Awakenings today to discuss your treatment needs and to begin building your personalized treatment plan today. You can get sober, and stay sober, with the right help.