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Addiction and Mental Health Treatment in Woodbridge, NJ

Drug addiction is an incredibly serious disorder that affects millions of people across the US, so it’s no surprise that New Jersey sees thousands of those addictions. Bergen county alone sees more than 3,000 admissions to addiction treatment programs each year, so if you or someone you know may need drug rehab in Woodbridge, it is available. In addition to addiction treatment, there are also mental health treatment and support groups in Woodbridge, so if there are multiple treatment needs they can all be addressed, sometimes simultaneously.

Addiction and Mental Health Diagnosis Statistics in Woodbridge New Jersey

There is one simple reason that not only are there detox services in Woodbridge, mental health treatment, and alcohol rehab in Woodbridge also, and that is because they are needed. Woodbridge and Bergen County see an average of more than 3,400 admissions each year to programs that offer alcohol treatment or addiction treatment. 

Types of Addiction Treatment

When someone is seeking addiction treatment, they will often have multiple options available. Each treatment type has benefits and drawbacks when compared to others. Each will also have a far different level of commitment that is required, as well as a different cost. It is important to remember the cost, because if your insurance doesn’t cover 100% of the treatment you may need to pay anything left out of pocket.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment is often considered one of the most flexible addiction treatment programs. The patient still sleeps and lives independently, and they have relatively infrequent meetings or counseling sessions at a treatment facility. These visits may be as often as weekly, but they may also happen monthly, or just a few times a year. Outpatient treatment will often rely on clinical visits and therapy or counseling sessions, as well as independently attending support groups, recovery meetings, and similar.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Intensive outpatient programs, often called IOPs, very closely resemble outpatient treatment programs, but are much more intensive. Intensive outpatient programs will often require daily meetings or support group attendance, with facility visits several times each week, the duration and frequency are often dependent on the level of treatment and commitment the patient requires. More intensive programs might see the patient visiting the facility most days of the week.

Partial Care

Partial care, partial hospitalization care, or just PHP, is one of the most intensive and high-commitment treatment plans. Partial care means that the patient will spend most of the day, most days of the week, checked into a treatment location, clinic, or another facility. The day is filled with solo and group counseling, therapy, support groups, and mental health treatment. At the end of the day, the patient checks out and goes home for the evening.

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Local Mental Health Treatment Options

Drug addiction is a relapsing disease, which means consistent & easy access to treatment options is vital for a successful recovery. Having access to mental health services in Woodbridge, as well as addiction treatment and alcohol rehab in Woodbridge can help someone nearby to stay sober. Absolute Awakenings treats individuals from Woodbridge and surrounding areas. For those that may be struggling to find mental health services in Woodbridge, Absolute Awakenings may be able to help them break the cycle.

Is there Combined Addiction and Mental Health Treatment Available?

A relatively common question for many people seeking drug rehab in Woodbridge is if any programs can help provide addiction treatment, while also treating mental illness. There are ways to address both disorders, and facilities like Absolute Awakenings can treat co-occurring disorders, or the occurrence of a substance use disorder or alcohol use disorder, with a mental illness. Co-occurring disorders can be challenging to treat without professional help since either disorder can change the symptoms and presentation of the other disorder.

Woodbridge New Jersey Mental Health & Addiction Treatment

While the detox stage is challenging, making sure that the patient is equipped to better handle the potential for cravings and triggers to use is just as important. Making sure that the proper treatment plan is implemented for outpatient recovery is essential to help fight against relapse. Otherwise, the patient has the potential to be a “duplicate” admission, or the admission of a patient more than once for the same addiction. Awesome Awakenings is a local mental health and addiction treatment resource.

How To Choose The Right Facility 

The biggest factor in choosing the right facility for drug rehab in Woodbridge is making sure they offer the types of programs that you feel address your needs and commitment level. Some facilities will only offer short-term or long-term detox services in Woodbridge, and won’t address any continuing treatment. Residential facilities are often incredibly costly, and they frequently don’t have any ongoing counseling.

Other facilities, like Absolute Awakenings, can provide addiction treatment and alcoholism treatment, on an outpatient basis. They also provide mental health services in Woodbridge, as well as support group coordination. The patient will be able to maintain school enrollment or employment, with some creative scheduling, unlike with residential programs which will remove any ability to adhere to work or school schedule.

Another factor that may determine if a facility is right for you, is whether your conditions or addictions were caused by some form of trauma. This means your care needs are going to be extensive, and in some cases potentially even specialized. A facility that can provide trauma-informed care will be a great asset to their treatment. Trauma-informed care bases their treatment, co-occurring or not, on the context of being the result of their trauma.

Taking the Next Steps

The first step to getting sober, and staying sober, is to work with a professional treatment center. By reaching out today, Absolute Awakenings will be able to find out more about your treatment needs, and you can speak with an addiction treatment professional in a completely confidential environment. Once you create an addiction treatment or alcohol treatment plan that fits your needs, you will be on the road to a strong, lasting recovery.