NJ Addiction Treatment Centers Near Me

If you or a loved one live in NJ and have an addiction problem, we can help you find drug or alcohol treatment centers that will work for you.

Addiction in New Jersey

It is no secret that this country is facing addiction and the opioid epidemic. Overdose and overdose fatalities continue to rise each year and have risen even further this past year due to the Coronavirus.

The state of New Jersey has seen its numbers increase as well. The Department of Human Services Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services for the State of New Jersey reports:

In 2019, there were 98,628 treatment admissions and 96,482 discharges reported to the New Jersey Department of Human Services, Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services by substance abuse treatment providers. The primary drug reported upon treatment admission in the state of New Jersey was heroin with 41,854 or 42% of the treatment admissions. Alcohol came in second with 30,651 or 31% of the treatment admissions. Marijuana was number three with 10,508 or 11% of the treatment admissions, and other opiates were number four with 5,818 or 6% of the treatment admissions. (NJ DHS)

Drug Overdose Deaths in New Jersey

We can see that New Jersey’s primary number of treatment admissions is for heroin. Since these statistics were reported for 2019, there has been an even further increase in the number of overdoses for the state due to this pandemic. Overdose deaths had risen 17% in July of 2020 versus the previous year. Economic declines, the rise in unemployment numbers, and social upheaval seem to correspond with the rising rates.

Treatment providers also saw an increase in demand because of increased need and pandemic-related restrictions. Thankfully things have gotten a lot better since this time last year, and treatment has gone back to somewhat normal with limited restrictions.

NJ Addiction Treatment Centers Near Me

Addiction Treatment in New Jersey

Opioids seem to be the number one problem in New Jersey and across the United States. There are different treatment options available now for those that have become addicted to opioids. Some people find that they have a hard time staying sober, so instead of completely detoxing off of opioids, they decide that medication-assisted treatment is better for them.

Each individual is going to be different as far as what treatment works best for them. When searching for treatment options, it is extremely important to find a facility that offers individualized care for addicts. Another important factor, when searching for treatment options, is to find a place that also offers treatment for mental health disorders. We do know that there is a huge correlation between mental illness and addiction.

New Jersey has a lot of different options when it comes to treatment for addiction. The number one most important thing for an addict, when finally deciding to pursue treatment, is being 100% committed to getting sober, staying sober, and starting the recovery process. You have to be willing to do anything it takes to stay sober and be willing to give up control and let professionals help you get through this process.

NJ Addiction Treatment Centers Near Me

The best way to find NJ addiction treatment centers near you is to do an online search. New Jersey has several treatment facilities and different options for treatment such as inpatient programs, outpatient programs, and even intensive outpatient programs. Each person is going to be different as far as what works best for them. Getting treatment of some form is better than doing nothing.

Treatment for Addiction

If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction, our addiction specialists are available around the clock to assist you. Absolute Awakenings follows an evidence-based approach to treating substance abuse disorders. We are committed to providing long-term recovery for those struggling with addiction. Recovery is not a one size fits all approach, so every person that walks through our doors is provided with a unique and individualized experience. Our NJ drug treatment recovery specialists are waiting to assist you. Call us today to speak with an Absolute Awakenings addiction professional.