Recovery Capital at Absolute Awakenings

Our treatment program focuses on the importance of building recovery capital, but what does this exactly mean when it comes to getting sober?

What is Recovery Capital?

At Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center, our team is laser-focused on the importance of building recovery capital. We have designed a program which allows our clients access to education, vocational training, resume building, job interview training, a recovery community, public transportation, while partnering with several different sober living & structured housing options all within walking distance to these vital components.

Recovery Capital

Research shows that an individual’s access to resources that constitute their recovery capital can greatly contribute to long-term recovery. These resources include social, physical, human and cultural factors that have been shown to mediate and moderate the effectiveness of treatments and the associated outcomes (Cloud & Granfield, 2008).

The Importance of Recovery Capital

Another way of thinking about this is that educational & vocational training along with access to careers and public transportation serve as a source of recovery capital. Longer remission results in greater accrual of recovery capital; in turn, greater recovery capital increases the chances of longer remission because it reduces biological, psychological, and social stress – a major pathway to relapse. Absolute Awakenings  Treatment Center provides that recovery capital by providing access to resources, thereby increasing the odds of remission by reducing the burden of bio-psychosocial stress.