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About Absolute Awakenings

Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center, LLC is a medical organization with a Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation Center in Morris Plains, New Jersey.
Absolute Awakenings offers Drug & Alcohol Addiction, Dual-Diagnosis & Mental Health Treatment to people struggling with addiction issues.

Founded in 2020, Absolute Awakenings has swiftly established itself as a leading force in addiction treatment. Accredited by Legal Script and holding other industry-standard certifications, our dedication to upholding the highest standards of care is unwavering. We are proud to be recognized and mentioned in top-tier publications such as PsychCentral, Insider, ASKMen, and, which further solidifies our reputation in the realm of addiction recovery.

Our Mission: Absolute Awakenings

Our Mission

At Absolute Awakenings it is our objective to provide long-term recovery for those struggling with addiction and alcoholism. Our comprehensive approach ensures that each individual receives the multifaceted care they truly need.

We utilize multiple forms of evidence-based therapy to help clients towards a road to recovery. The Absolute Awakenings team understands that there is no single remedy for addiction and we are dedicated to do everything within our power to help uncover the path that best suits you. Our goal is to fully identify and address underlying causes and conditions caused by addiction.

Our Facilities

Our treatment center has been carefully designed to provide unparalleled comfort and convenience to individuals participating in our rehabilitation programs. Our facilities treat the body by incorporating physical exercise, yoga, meditation, and a healthy diet tailored to each client’s personal goals.

Our cozy and inviting spaces have been thoughtfully curated to foster open discussions, encourage connections, and empower growth. The meeting rooms and lounges we offer create a welcoming atmosphere that fosters conversations and personal growth for clients, counselors, and family members alike.

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