About Us

If you want to AWAKEN a life full of possibilities, without the burden of addiction holding you back, then you're in the right place. Let's begin the journey to lasting recovery together.

About Absolute Awakenings

It is the mission of Absolute Awakenings to provide long term recovery for those struggling with addiction and alcoholism, a disease that is chronic and fatal if left untreated. We understand recovery is not a one size fits all approach and each client who walks through our doors will have their own unique, individualized experience.

It is our job to convey to our clients that we empathize with how they feel and that we are going to do everything in our power to help them. Evidence has shown that treating the mind, body, and spirit are vital to providing long term recovery. After being separated from the substances, we need to get down to the causes and conditions. We awaken the mind using several forms of evidence-based therapy.

Our Facility

Together, we will approach the mental hurdles that have stifled many of our hopes, dreams, and ambitions to recover. We will treat the body by incorporating physical exercise, yoga, meditation, and a healthy approach to diet all tailored to each client’s personal goals. We treat the soul by providing practical solutions to allow for a thriving future as well as encouraging spiritual growth.

Evidence shows that when we provide those suffering with addiction with improved family and social relationships as well as a purpose filled life, we dramatically improve the outcomes for long term recovery.

Get sober, stay sober – recovery is possible. 

Our Team

Timothy Jackson

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

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Tyler Kempson

Chief Operations Officer | Co-Founder

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Cheryl Semiz

Chief Marketing Officer | Co-Founder

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Kim Vytell, LCADC, LSW

Kim Vytell, LCADC, LSW

Director of Clinical Services

Kim Vytell is a licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselor and licensed social worker with years of experience working in the field of addictions and mental health. 

Patrick Tansey, LAC, MA

Lead Clinician

Patrick is our Lead Clinician. He has over ten years of experience working with men, women, and families that are struggling with addictions and substance use disorders.

Maria E. Luisi, LSW

Primary Therapist

Maria is a Primary Therapist and an honor’s graduate of New York University with a Master’s in Social Work and a member of Phi Alpha honors society.

Rebecka Green, LSW, LCADC

Rebecka Green, LSW, LCADC

Primary Therapist

Rebecka is a graduate of Rutgers University with a Master’s in Social Work and is one of the Primary Therapists at Absolute Awakenings.

Jon-Erik Randazzo

CADC Intern

Jon-Erik Randazzo is a CADC Intern who has enjoyed working in the field of mental health counseling for the past several years, with a primary focus in addiction recovery. 

Erica Bessemer

Erica Bessemer

Senior Admissions Coordinator

Erica is an experienced admissions coordinator who gained an interest in the field through her own journey into recovery from addiction. Now she helps others get clean and sober.

Jeff Reggiani

Tech Supervisor

Jeff has felt a strong drive to work in recovery for several years and has gained experience through his internship at the Market Street Mission in Morristown, New Jersey.

Megan Epstein

Case Manager

Megan has a background in management in the hospitality industry. She is new to the field of recovery and is an advocate for sober and drug-free living.
Amy Arvary

Amy Arvary

Master Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

For over a decade Amy Arvary has been sharing the secrets of personal growth with private clients, teams, and groups throughout the country, and now she is helping Absolute Awakenings.