If you want to AWAKEN a life full of possibilities, without the burden of addiction holding you back, then you're in the right place. Discover Absolute Awakenings, meet our team and learn more about our mission of helping those struggling enter into long term recovery.
New Jersey Prescription Pill Addiction Treatment at Absolute Awakenings

Our misson

We are Absolute Awakenings. It is our mission to lead people struggling with a substance use disorder to to long-term recovery. Untreated, addiction can become a chronic and fatal disease. We understand that there is no single way to attain recovery.  It is our promise and our obligation to deliver a unique and highly individualized recovery experience to every client we treat.

It is our job to convey to our clients that we empathize with how they feel and that we are going to do everything in our power to help them. Evidence has shown that treating the mind, body, and spirit are vital to providing long term recovery. After being separated from the substances, we need to get down to the causes and conditions. We awaken the mind using several forms of evidence-based therapy.

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Together, we will approach the mental hurdles that have stifled many of our hopes, dreams, and ambitions to recover. We will treat the body by incorporating physical exercise, yoga, meditation, and a healthy approach to diet all tailored to each client’s personal goals. We treat the soul by providing practical solutions to allow for a thriving future as well as encouraging spiritual growth.

Evidence shows that when we provide those suffering with addiction with improved family and social relationships as well as a purpose filled life, we dramatically improve the outcomes for long term recovery.

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Our Team

Timothy Jackson​

Since opening Absolute Awakenings for the treatment of Substance Use Disorders, Tim has truly felt fulfilled in his passion of assisting addicted men and women.

Tyler Kempson

Tyler Kempson is a certified peer recovery coach from Sparta, New Jersey, and one of the managing partners of Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center.

Cheryl Semiz

Cheryl is the Chief Marketing Officer at Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center in Denville, NJ. She is passionate about helping find recovery for those struggling with addiction.

Megan Stoia, CADC, SHRM-CP​

Megan is the Managing Director for Absolute Awakenings. Ms. Stoia has extensive administrative and operational experience working in substance abuse treatment facilities across the US. She has spent the past 15 years in leadership roles within the insurance and behavioral health industries.

Laurie Deerfield​

Psy. D. Doctor of Psychology AOBNP Board Certified in Neurology and Psychiatry AOBFP Board Certified in Family ABAM - Board Certified In Addiction Medicine ASAM - American Society of Addiction Medicine

Candace Kotkin-De Carvalho LCADC-LSW-CCS-CCTP​

Candace Kotkin-De Carvalho LCADC-LSW-CCS-CCTP Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor, a Licensed Social Worker, a Certified Clinical Supervisor.

Tim Weaver, LPC, LCADC

Tim is dually licensed as an LPC and LCADC. Tim is a long-time practitioner and instructor of Zen meditation and mindfulness practices, and he utilizes a person-centered approach to therapy. He has been affiliated with Absolute Awakenings since June of 2020.

Davida Rabinowitz ,LCSW​

Davida Rabinowitz is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has many years of experience helping varied populations and supervising MSWs for licensure. She is licensed in NJ and NY and has a robust private practice in addition to her role at Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center.

Ben Goldman, MBA​

Ben is a leader in the Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Field. In his quest to help others recover from addiction, Ben has worked continuously in the Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder field for 3 years. He currently leads our Marketing Department as the Director of Regional Business Development.

Erica Bessemer​​

Erica is an experienced admissions coordinator who gained an interest in the field through her own journey into recovery from addiction. Now she helps others get clean and sober.

Ashley Kotkin-De Carvalho

Director of Operations
Ashley Kotkin-De Carvalho is the Director of Operations at Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center. With over a decade of experience in Operations in various industries and over five years' experience in the field Substance Use Treatment, Ashley applies her skills and devotion to managing the inner workings of Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center.

Megan Epstein

Megan is a Case Manager at Absolute Awakenings and a New Jersey native. She has experience in management from the hospitality industry and is a passionate advocate for sober and drug-free living.

Amy Arvary

For over a decade, Amy Arvary has been sharing the secrets of personal growth with private clients, teams, and groups throughout the country, and now she is bringing that expertise Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center in the form of group and individual hypnotherapy and meditation.

Maureen Ndu, PMHNP

Primary Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Maureen Ndu is a doctoral experienced Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) with an ANCC Board Certification in Psychiatry. With over twenty years of clinical experience in the management of individuals with psychiatric and substance use disorders, Maureen brings passion and wisdom to her role as the Primary Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.

Alicia Mazepa

Yoga/Meditation Instructor
Alicia Mazepa is a Registered Yoga Teacher and Peer Recovery Specialist who brings a holistic approach to her position as Yoga/Meditation Instructor at Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center. With experience in yoga instruction, dance and Substance Abuse Treatment, Alicia guides clients at Absolute Awakenings through healing the mind, body and spirit.

Matthew Smith

Group Facilitator
Matthew Smith is a CADC Intern and Group Facilitator who brings a personal passion for recovery and the field of Substance Use Treatment to his role at Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center.

Wendy Pesantez, MBA

Business Development Representative
With a Master's Degree in Business Administration and extensive experience in Substance Use Treatment, Wendy Pesantez brings her expertise to Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center as Business Development Representative, connecting individuals in need of recovery to the resources they need most.

Amanda Rodriguez

Alumni Coordinator
Amanda Rodriguez is a vegan, animal lover and fierce advocate for individuals in recovery. With experience in the Substance Use Treatment field and a working knowledge of 12-step fellowship recovery, Amanda works with Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center alumni to keep them connected to the solution as Alumni Coordinator.

Lauren Simmers

Community Outreach Coordinator
Lauren Simmers joined the Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center team with a personal passion for recovery and a desire to bring awareness to individuals struggling with mental health and substance use disorders of the resources available to them. As Community Outreach Coordinator at AATC, Lauren does just that.

Charlene McNally

Office Manager
Charlene McNally comes to Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center with years of experience of Office Management in the mental health field. Charlene combines her know-how and genuine desire to help others in order to ensure the facility runs smoothly and the clients Absolute Awakenings serves have a positive experience.

Noel Vargas Jr.

Operations Supervisor
With a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and extensive supervisory and operational experience in the Substance Use Treatment field, Noel Vargas Jr. brings a unique skill set and perspective to the Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center Operations team as the Operations Supervisor.

Darina Belokrylets

Case Manager
Darina Belokrylets is the Case Manager at Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center. Darina serves as an advocate to support, guide and coordinate care for clients and their families as they navigate the early stages of recovery.

Tom Gardner

Behavioral Health Technician
As a Behavioral Health Technician, Tom Gardner plays an important role in the daily experience of Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center's clients and staff. Tom has years of experience as an advocate for mental health and recovery as a performer and presenter.

Lisa Black, MA, LCADC

Evening Program Coordinator/Primary Therapist
Graduating Magna Cum Laude with a Master's Degree in Counseling and with years of experience in the Substance Use Treatment field at various levels of care, Lisa Black works with clients recovering from substance use disorders as a Primary Therapist and leads Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center's Evening Intensive Outpatient program as Program Coordinator. Lisa utilizes her skills and passion for this field to contribute as an integral member of the Clinical team at Absolute Awakenings.

Sara Stever, LCADC, LAC, LPAT

Primary Therapist/Art Therapist
Sara Stever combines a Master's Degree in Creative Art Therapy and Substance Use Treatment experience at various levels of care to bring a refreshing and innovate approach to her role as Primary Therapist and Art Therapist at Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center, incorporating creativity (and a little bit of color) in the treatment of individuals recovering from substance use and mental health disorders.

Joseph Hammond, LSW

Primary Therapist
Joseph Hammond is a Primary Therapist at Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center who brings psychotherapy experience and licensure in Social Work to guide clients through their recovery from substance use and mental health disorders.