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Accreditations & Awards

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Why Accreditation Matters...

Certified & Accredited Services

Absolute Awakenings is a fully certified and accredited facility in Morris Plains, New Jersey. We offer experienced addiction treatment, evidence-based education, practical resources, and dedicated support.

Evidence-Based in a Tranquil Environment

Separating yourself from the triggers and influences of your substance use is one of the strongest ways to begin your recovery. Our bright, airy, and comfortable environment was designed to provide a safe and tranquil space for recovery.

Accessible & Affordable Care

To ensure the highest possible levels of accessibility for treatment, Absolute Awakenings is proud to accept most major insurance providers and offer alternative payment options as needed.

why accreditations matter

What It Means to Be Certified & Accredited

Accreditation for a treatment facility serves as confirmation that the quality and scope of its services meet or exceed the mandatory standards of practice. These standards are established by the state and other highly reputable, 3rd-party organizations in the treatment industry.

To receive accreditation from these third-party organizations, substance use disorder treatment centers must participate in a series of detailed interviews and evaluations. These evaluations take place over several weeks or months and involve on-site visits.

With the rise of the opioid crisis, rehab centers are cropping up at every other corner. Unfortunately, not all treatment centers are created equal or meet the same standards. Making the best choice for you and the success of your recovery journey can be overwhelming and frustrating.

The last thing you want to do is put your hope in a treatment mill that does not possess the expertise and compassion you need to safely navigate your recovery.

Trusting your treatment to a certified and accredited facility can give you and your loved ones the confidence and peace of mind you need to begin your recovery without fear or hesitation. At Absolute Awakenings, we’re committed to facilitating a safe, supported, and successful recovery for each person we encounter.

A gold circular emblem with the text "The Joint Commission" at the top and "National Quality Approval" at the bottom, encircling a geometric design of three stacked squares and diagonal lines, symbolizes excellence for drug and alcohol rehab treatment centers in New Jersey.

Joint Comission


Absolute Awakenings is accredited through The Joint Commission, the nation’s largest accrediting body in healthcare. The Joint Commission seeks to continuously improve health care for the public by evaluating health care organizations and inspiring them to excel in providing safe and effective care of the highest quality and value.

A blue hexagonal badge with the logo and text "LegitScript" at the top. Below that, it says "ABSOLUTEAWAKENINGS.COM" with a date "07/20/23" in a white box, followed by the word "Certified." This ensures you know it's a trusted drug and alcohol rehab treatment center in New Jersey.

Legit Script

Legit Script Verification

LegitScript takes a holistic look at addiction treatment provider’s business model, marketing practices, and business affiliations. Absolute Awakenings earned LegitScript certification by demonstrating its compliance with certification requirements including licensing, staffing, treatment procedures, and much more.

A blue rectangular badge with a checkmark inside a circle on the left and the text "Verified by Psychology Today" on the right, indicating trusted mental health treatment services.

Psychology Today

Psychology Today

The Psychology Today seal indicates that Psychology Today has verified Absolute Awakenings required licenses and legal compliance.

Stories of Hope & Healing

Hear from Our Alumni

A jewel among many local drug and alcohol rehab treatment centers in Denville, New Jersey, the care and treatment options you’ll receive at Absolute Awakenings is second to none. From not knowing if you’ll ever feel in control again to being confident in the path you’re on, we are invested in YOU every step of the way.