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Success Stories

People don’t just come to Absolute Awakenings for addiction and mental health treatment – they come to us to take the first of many amazing steps on their life’s new journey. Read some of our success stories below to see how our treatment facility has been an important stepping stone of wellness and personal achievement for clients.

Google Review Logo: Absolute Awakenings

I came here with just $1.96 in my pocket in search of a new direction. I was accepted in under the whiskey tango foxtrot scholarship thankfully! I had no where to go these guys were here for me every step of the way thank you everyone for giving me direction and the foundation to build upon!!!

Alexander TurnerReview from Google

I know the owners personally and the level of professionalism, integrity & client care at Absolute Awakenings is exactly what you need when treating substance abuse & rehabilitating your life. They will go to any feasible length to help you heal mentally, emotionally & physically. They are real people with real experience & big hearts!

Erika FahyReview from Google

This place went out of their way to help me and show me the love and support I need in my recovery, I am extremely grateful to have met so many compassionate people here who don’t act better than or look down on clients and don’t just give up on people, they have helped me process things that I’ve been keeping to myself for years and normally don’t openly talk about with anyone. I would definitely recommend this treatment center to anyone struggling ????

Evan TreasterReview from Google

When I was getting sober 2 years ago, I met the owners of Absolute Awakenings before they opened. They helped me get sober then. They have a passion for recovery! They took me to loads of recovery meetings and we did lots of sober activities together. They taught me that recovery is more than just not using substances and laid a path showing me ways to feel better without drugs and alcohol. I'm really thankful they opened treatment center.

Jeffrey DeanReview from Google

Jack’s Story of Transformation and Healing at Absolute Awakenings

I thought that all rehabs were the same, but it didn’t work out that way” says Jack’s father. After multiple treatment stays with no success, Jack’s family found Absolute Awakenings. Jack was able to go through the program and he was able to heal, transform and begin a new life of sobriety. He now is a mural painter and has found a passion that brings him fulfillment as a result of his recovery!

Brian G.

Dave S.

Bryce T.

Megan R.

Mom, Caroline

Yes, You Can Get Your Life Back. Call Absolute Awakenings Today.

With our trained and compassionate professionals in your corner, freedom can be yours. All it takes is you choose yourself. Choosing a better tomorrow.

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