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Structured Process For Accurate Educational Resources

Editorial Guidelines At Absolute Awakenings

It seems that in today’s world, everyone has a platform and can be considered an authority. If the recent pandemic taught us anything, it’s that this could be problematic. While data and information have never been more accessible, it has also never been so easily manipulated. The risk is far too great to gamble with life-saving information.

At Absolute Awakening, we’re committed to combatting false information and harmful data by upholding the highest editorial standards. All information undergoes a rigorous vetting process to ensure you are getting only precise and accurate information about any topic you explore here. To achieve this level of excellence, we have installed a comprehensive editorial process.

Why Does A Treatment Facility Need An Editorial Process?

As a safe haven for recovering individuals, we exist to support and heal those who are suffering from mental health and substance use-related disorders. You and your loved ones come to us seeking help, hope, and practical relief.

In order to provide a full continuum of care and education for our community, it’s critical to provide consistent, reliable information on every front. As a trusted source for health and recovery information, we must pursue excellence in all areas, from treatment and medication management to psychoeducation and aftercare.

Why Does A Treatment Facility Need An Editorial Process?

Our Internal Editorial Process

  • Authors Are Pre-Vetted

    Knowing more about our authors is the first step to eliminating misinformation and poor research. Each contributor to the Absolute Awakenings resource library undergoes a detailed assessment. This includes their experience, credentials, and accolades.

  • Data Is Mined Only From Credible Sources

    Every piece created for our community must include authoritative sources for all references. This is how we know everything we produce is backed by respected medical studies, government agencies, and peer-reviewed journals.

  • Every Resource Is Thoroughly Reviewed

    Even with our efforts to vet each contributor, we believe it’s essential to deeply examine the final product. Every piece is studied, and each source is checked until we’re confident that each resource is aligned with our high standards of accuracy, quality, attention to detail, and clarity.

  • Updates and Reviews Are Ongoing

    A comprehensive editorial process is never truly over, even after the resources are published. All articles and resources are constantly reevaluated to ensure that each piece is still accurate, relevant, and helpful.

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