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  • How to Identify a Drug Addict
    How Do I Know How To Identify A Drug Addict? Identifying a drug addict proves harder than one might think. It might involve personality changes and mood swings. One hopes one would … Read more
  • What Does Getting Sober Mean?
    In the world of addiction and recovery, many people hear the phrase “getting sober”. What does this phrase mean? To be sober means to have no trace of an intoxicating substance in … Read more
  • What is an Opioid?
    How to Spot an Opioid It can sometimes be confusing to know “What is an opioid?” This is because there are different types of opioids. Therefore, they behave in slightly different ways. … Read more
  • How Does Suboxone Work?
    How does suboxone work? The ongoing opioid epidemic which has taken the lives of almost 500,000 Americans in the past two decades. Research into medication-assisted treatment for addiction has both increased and … Read more
  • Is Tramadol an Opioid?
    Before taking tramadol, it’s important to ask “is tramadol an opioid?” The question can be confusing. This is because tramadol was originally not classified as an opioid. However, it is chemically similar … Read more
  • What is Vyvanse?
    An Overview You may be wondering, “what is vyvanse?” Vyvanse is a prescription medicine. Healthcare providers prescribe it to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Takeda, the manufacturer of Vyvanse, recommends it in people … Read more
  • 5 Things Every Good Alcohol Rehab in NJ Should Offer
    There’s a lot that goes into rehabilitation for Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). Therefore, anyone in New Jersey (NJ) who is seeking an alcohol rehab in NJ needs to be careful. You can … Read more
  • Finding the Right Drug Rehab in NJ
    Not all drug rehabilitation facilities in New Jersey (NJ) are equal. To find the right drug rehab in NJ, there’s a few things to know. Since a quality rehab is the first … Read more
  • NJ Drug Treatment Centers
    NJ Drug Treatment Centers If you or a loved one live in NJ and suffer from drug addiction, our treatment facility offers a solution-focused approach to recovery. New Jersey is a northeastern … Read more
  • Drug Treatment New Jersey Near Me
    Drug Treatment New Jersey Near Me If you or a loved one live in New Jersey or out-of-state and suffer from drug abuse, we can help you find the best drug treatment … Read more
  • Trauma-Informed Hypnotherapy for Treating Addiction
    Trauma-Informed Hypnotherapy for Treating Addiction Trauma causes overwhelming amounts of stress that exceeds an individual’s ability to cope, and that leads to long-term negative consequences. Trauma is damaging to a person’s mind, … Read more
  • Why is Fentanyl Added to Heroin Bags?
    Why is Fentanyl Added to Heroin Bags? Fentanyl is added to heroin bags because it is cheaper than heroin, yet more powerful. Dealers will ‘cut’ heroin with fentanyl to make more money, … Read more