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Using Health Insurance for Treatment

Addiction can be scary, and a lot of the fear involved can come from being unsure how to pay for treatment, once an individual has chosen to get help. Many people don’t have the ability to use private insurance for addiction treatment and avoid seeking help because they are afraid of the out-of-pocket cost of rehab.

Can Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment?: Absolute Awakenings

Can Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment?

In nearly all cases, your health insurance, no matter what type, will cover individual addiction treatment in New Jersey. This is because addiction is classified as a disease and, just as many other diseases, require medical treatment to manage. There are often stipulations about how much treatment will be covered and for how long, but most private insurance plans have provisions for both substance abuse disorder recovery, and alcohol abuse recovery.

Navigating Your Insurance Plan

What is the Affordable Care Act?

The first, and best, place to get information on the specifics of your insurance plan, is to read the policy. At first, they can be intimidating, but once you start reading they are self-explanatory. The policy will spell out what kind of treatment it will cover, and for how long. For example, it may state that in the case of substance abuse disorder, the policy will cover 14 days of inpatient care or up to 45 days in a partial care program or intensive outpatient program.

The Affordable Care Act is a comprehensive health insurance reform law that was signed into law in 2010. It helps boost insurance coverage for the uninsured and underinsured and creates legislative reforms in the health insurance marketplace. It is one of the primary reasons that mental health & addiction coverage must be provided.

How to Get Your Questions Answered

Absolute Awakenings Works with Insurance

Getting help initially can be an intimidating decision, but choosing to get help is one of the most healthy choices that can be made. Having doubts or questions can be a hurdle to getting the right help, and getting those questions answered can make getting help so much easier. Reach out to a local treatment center, like Absolute Awakenings, and speak with a recovery specialist that can help you start your recovery journey today.

Finding a treatment facility like Absolute Awakenings, which works with insurance, is essential to making sure your out-of-pocket costs are as low as possible. It also ensures that you get the care you need, when you need it, which can be crucial in cases with a dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders. This means you can treat your addiction and accompanying mental illnesses all at once, in a treatment plan built for you.

How to Get Started

If you or someone you care about is having trouble living with a substance use disorder, or alcohol use disorder, but is afraid to get treatment because there are questions about payment, Absolute Awakenings will work with your insurance to get you treatment. Contact Absolute Awakenings today and speak with an addiction professional about getting a treatment plan that will address your needs.

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