Detox in New Jersey Is The Best First Step Towards Recovery

Detox From Drugs & Alcohol is The Beginning of a New Journey

Looking For Alcohol and Drug Detox In New Jersey?

When you’re battling alcohol or drug addiction, acknowledging you need help is the most significant action you’ll take toward true change. Once that hurdle has been cleared, the next steps may seem uncertain and overwhelming. The best place to start is a supervised medical detox program for drug rehab and addiction treatment.

A common misconception is that you must detox on your own before qualifying for treatment. That you must pull through the most grueling part of your story by sheer willpower alone. This train of thought is not only untrue but often harmful due to the often severe symptoms of withdrawal. You do not have to face this by yourself.

We encourage clients to get help managing withdrawal symptoms during the detox period. Our team of compassionate professionals specializes in their field and will guide you at every turn. We partner with premier New Jersey detox centers to help our clients and their loved ones begin their journey to freedom before entering our recovery program.

With the right support, your story can be one of long-term recovery.

What Does Alcohol and Drug Detox with Absolute Awakenings Look Like?

Detoxification is the process of ridding one’s body of a certain substance(s), in this case – drugs and/or alcohol. Professional drug detox programs are also referred to as “medically managed withdrawal” or medication-assisted treatment centers.

This period is often characterized by mild to severe physical symptoms ranging from fatigue and nausea to tremors, insomnia, and more. Due to the difficult nature of this process, it’s crucial to have the right support and resources at your disposal to avoid potentially life-threatening complications.

If you experience any of the following withdrawal symptoms, seek help immediately:

Ready to make a change in your life, but you’re reluctant due to the unknown? Reach out to a New Jersey detox and recovery center – they are ready and able to help you.
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Drug Detox

At Absolute Awakenings, we treat adults who have fallen victim to a variety of addictive substances. These chemicals have a high likelihood of causing physical dependence, meaning a person has to consume increasingly more of the substance to prevent the onset of withdrawal symptoms.

Over time, more of the substance is needed to prevent such undesired symptoms, building what is known as drug tolerance.

Our facility also offers dual-diagnosis treatment for those who need it. Common substances we help our clients break free from include:

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Alcohol Detox

Alcohol is the most widely available but also most frequently abused chemical substance in New Jersey.

A 2019 NSDUH study indicated that 14.5 million people aged 12 or older in the US had an alcohol use disorder. It affects people young and old, causing serious health conditions such as stroke, liver disease, cancer, and more. Alcohol also increases risk-taking behavior, including driving while impaired, which puts not only the alcohol consumer in danger but also surrounding people.

The withdrawal process from alcohol addiction is most successful when done in a controlled detox environment for addiction recovery. In this way, safety can be ensured through professional support and care to minimize unpleasant symptoms. A person can overcome their physical dependence on alcohol at a New Jersey detox and alcohol rehab center before participating in long-term treatment options at Absolute Awakenings.

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Why Safe Detox Is The Best First Step To Recovery

There is an unfortunate stigma that one must be able to stop using drugs and alcohol on their own. That they must quit through sheer willpower alone. This is a dangerous trap to fall into.

According to the CDC, an average of 128 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose. Perpetuating this self-reliant thinking when it comes to detoxing is extremely harmful.

Withdrawal from many chemical substances involves severe physical side effects requiring medical supervision and management. Trying to detox alone leads to an increased chance of relapse and potentially fatal overdose.

While uncomfortable and often dreaded, the detox process is essential before committing to addiction treatment and lasting recovery. Physical dependence must be taken care of before the root mental and emotional causes can be addressed.

By enlisting professional help for drug detox, you have the best chance of achieving success through a substance abuse treatment program. A self-directed life is possible, but one MUST undergo supervised detox in order to arrive there. Don’t risk your life by trying to do it on your own. Allow us to help you find the best support New Jersey offers.

After Detox In NJ: The Next Best Step To Drug or Alcohol Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Once your body has been detoxed, the road to long-term recovery continues through outpatient treatment or other treatment programs that holistically address the factors that may have contributed to your substance use disorder. At Absolute Awakenings, we believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Our individualized care and evidence-based treatment plan is tailored to each individual and their specific substance abuse and mental health concerns.

Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs are led by medical and clinical experts and include Partial Care, Intensive Outpatient, Outpatient, and Aftercare (Sober Living) Treatment Services. We will evaluate your history and current situation to determine the best recovery journey for you. Each individual or loved one who comes to our treatment center for help will be treated with unparalleled care and respect.

New Jersey Detox FAQs

If you are actively using alcohol or drugs and you’re unable to go an extended period of time without experiencing physical symptoms of withdrawal when you don’t take them, detox is the first step you must take toward freedom. After this short-term treatment, you’ll be ready for holistic recovery.
Health insurance providers will usually cover most detox and rehab services. There is a good chance your form of health insurance plan will be accepted. If you are unsure, contact our facility, and we can point you in the right direction.

Detoxifying from drugs includes three general stages:

Evaluation – Treatment providers determine the individual’s condition and decide how to proceed with detox

Stabilization – The physical process begins, and the person starts receiving detox medications or is slowly tapered off to cope with withdrawal symptoms

Preparation – the substance has physically left the body, and the patient is encouraged to continue holistic treatment at a rehab facility for long-term recovery.

This varies from case to case, but most detox programs are either 3, 5, or 7 days long. Once this step is completed, the rest of one’s rehabilitation journey is dependent on their individual needs and circumstances.
Generally, alcohol detox takes about 5-7 days, with the first 48-72 hours being the most difficult. Symptoms of withdrawal can vary widely in severity with alcohol detox.

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When you are deep in the grips of drug or alcohol addiction, regaining control of your life seems impossible. Your story can be one of success when you decide to seek help. We’ll help you find the right detox center and be there every step of the way through your long-term recovery. It’s a great day to change the trajectory of your life.