Are Interventions Helpful For Rehab Placement?

Are Interventions Helpful For Rehab Placement?

Interventions are a helpful multi-step process, but they must be organized and facilitated by a professional and licensed addiction interventionist.

In the realm of addiction recovery, the term intervention refers to a professionally facilitated process during which the loved ones of an individual who is suffering from a life-threatening substance abuse disorder confront him or her about seeking treatment. Interventions are a multi-step process, and they must always be organized and facilitated by a professional, licensed interventionist, and addiction specialist. During the first phase of the intervention, the loved ones of the individual who has been suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction will find an interventionist and call them up. They will describe – in detail – why they believe an intervention is a necessary next step. In most cases, it is recommended that interventions are planned when the loved ones feel that they have run out of other options. They likely feel that if professional help is not sought immediately, overdose (or another life-threatening, health-related concern) is inevitable.

Will An Intervention Help My Loved One Get Into Rehab?

The interventionist will then set a time and place for the intervention to take place and will set up separate times for those who are participating in the intervention to meet up. The process itself is very carefully planned. It is important that the individual who is being intervened upon never feels attacked or threatened. Rather, it is important that he or she feels loved and supported by all those involved. The intervention itself will consist of the loved ones explaining why they feel the seeking professional treatment is necessary. They will never place blame or resort to anger but speak from a place of compassion and concern. The intervention will end with a gentle ultimatum – seek professional help, or essentially be cut off financially and otherwise. 

Are Interventions Helpful For Rehab Placement?

Interventions and Accepting Professional Help

Interventions are beneficial for numerous reasons, one of the most important being rehab placement. The professional interventionist that is assigned to your family will serve many roles. One of their most crucial functions is helping you find an affordable, effective, and reputable treatment center. It is often mistakenly believed that it is the primary role of interventionists who are affiliated with a specific treatment center to get the individual to commit to that facility. At Absolute Awakenings, this is not the case – we believe in doing what is right for the individual, even if that means pointing him or her in another direction. 

The interventionist will sit down with the loved ones of the individual who is suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism and ask them several questions. These questions might include things like, “What substances has your loved been abusing, and for what length of time?” “Does your loved one suffer from any underlying mental health conditions?” “To your knowledge, has your loved one ever undergone a traumatic experience, such as physical or emotional abuse or significant accident, or has your loved one ever been to war?” All of these questions will help the interventionists determine which type of treatment will be the most clinically beneficial. For example, individuals with underlying mental health conditions will benefit the most from a dual diagnosis treatment center. Rehab placement is crucial to long-term sobriety, and one of the main points of professionally staged interventions is to find a suitable rehab and encourage immediate admission. 

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At Absolute Awakenings, we understand that the very first step to seeking treatment is often a professionally staged intervention. For this reason, we have interventionists on staff who can help families in need. If someone you love has been suffering at the hands of substance abuse or dependency disorder and you have become concerned about their well-being and safety, a staged intervention will likely be extremely beneficial. 

If you would like to learn more about the overall process and how to get started, simply give our treatment advisors a call today. They will conduct a brief pre-assessment over the phone, which will help us determine whether an intervention is the best course of action. If it is deemed to be the best course of action, we will immediately put you in touch with one of our licensed and experienced interventionists. To get your loved one started on his or her journey of addiction recovery, give us a call today.