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Muay Thai Therapy in New Jersey

Exercise Through Muay Thai for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Recovery

Balance. Discipline. Recovery. Fight Your Way To Freedom.

Your life is a series of choices in the moment. When we slow down our thoughts and maintain control over the present we are practicing mindfulness.

This isn’t always an easy thing to do. Fortunately you can exercise your mindfulness muscle through martial arts, such as muay thai.

At Absolute Awakenings, you can learn coping skills and ease symptoms of mental illness by practicing muay thai therapy.

What Is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is a form of martial arts, not to be mistaken for karate or tai chi. Balance in the mind, body, and spirit is emphasized in Muay Thai. It acts as a form of active meditation. Muay Thai martial arts first appeared in Thailand. This style of fighting makes use of clinching and standing strikes and is known as the Art of 8 Limbs.

By using fists, elbows, knees, and shins, you work with your body to carefully fight opponents and dodge potential hits. Muay Thai is a great workout. The exercise aims to develop mental toughness as well as the physical physique.

What Is Muay Thai Therapy?

By providing a set of tools and a process by which they can interpret their struggle, Muay Thai therapy calls out to those who are having internal conflicts. Muay Thai therapy for addiction treatment is useful because it teaches you to stay mindful of each present moment.

It is difficult to overcome substance abuse and related behaviors, especially without support or treatment from a recovery facility. But not every patient will respond well to every treatment. For instance, group therapy could be the best option for one patient while failing to help another. One of the best alternative therapies at Absolute Awakenings is martial arts for addiction recovery.

What Are The Benefits of Martial Arts Therapies?

The use of muay thai therapy in addiction treatment fosters a supportive environment where patients can feel safe and unwind in a social setting. The benefits of Muay Thai are apparent in those who practice this exercise often. Some benefits include:

Improved Balance

Martial arts training improves balance tenfold. To strike, move, and defend when and how you want, balance is a fundamental skill. Muay Thai helps your legs get stronger and more flexible, while also boosting your mental clarity and focus so you are constantly aware of your stance.

Learning to balance your body allows you to calm your mind quicker. When struggling with alcohol addiction, mental illness, or mood disorders, tapping into this skill elevates your threshold for reacting to different situations and avoiding negative behavior patterns.

Better Self Discipline

Practicing physical activity like muay thai therapy improves not only mental and physical health, but self discipline as well. It teaches you how to set goals, concentrate your mental and emotional energies, stay in shape, and get along with people.

Improved Mindfulness

The major objective of meditation in Muay Thai is to sustain conscious attention to all facets of Muay Thai practice and life in general. Martial arts therapy reduces mental strain in your daily life, rather than only being able to make a meditative effort during formal sittings.

When working through a recovery program, the ability to maintain control over potential triggers requires a level of self-awareness. Practicing mindfulness using muay thai improves the quality of your treatment plans.


Drug addiction and mental illness is not easy to overcome on your own. When you invest in your mind, body, and spirit through muay thai therapy, you enhance your ability to persevere through difficult situations.

Increased Self Confidence

Healthy self esteem starts with self confidence. Participating in Muay Thai therapy on your wellness journey increases self confidence by providing an outlet where you can set and exceed goals. While training, you are able to see your progress in real-time as you continue your practice.

More Respect for Self and Others

It takes technique, focus, balance, self-control, and most importantly, integrity, to be successful at muay thai. Respect is one of the first lessons Muay Thai teaches you. Respect for elders, respect for peers, and respect for authoritative people like your instructor and therapists. It’s difficult to turn to drug use as a coping mechanism once you begin to respect your body.

Who Should Try Muay Thai Therapy?

The quality of life for people who participate significantly improves when they attend frequent muay thai therapy sessions. Patients who struggle with mental health issues and substance abuse benefit from learning martial arts. Additionally, it helps those who suffer from PTSD and other trauma-related problems including anxiety. Adolescents, young adults, and middle-aged adults can benefit from muay thai therapy.

At Absolute Awakenings, we believe in holistic approaches to treatment and take advantage of the power of martial arts at our New Jersey facility.

Muay Thai TherapyFAQs

How is muay thai therapy different from yoga?

While both yoga and muay thai therapy improve balance and promote mindfulness. Muay thai is a form of martial arts that teaches self defense among other lessons that improve coping skills for those struggling with addiction and other mental health problems.

How many types of martial art therapies are there?

There are over 180 forms of martial arts therapies. Muay thai is great for beginners.

How does muay thai affect the brain?

Muay thai therapy encourages mental toughness and teaches mindfulness.

Is muay thai a psychological treatment?

While muay thai does great things for the mind, it is not considered psychological treatment like talk therapy is.

Fight Your Way To Freedom In Recovery With Muay Thai Therapy In New Jersey

When struggling with addiction and mental illness like anxiety, bipolar, or borderline personality disorder, you’re often met with distorted thought patterns. When caught in loops of negative thoughts, it can be difficult to untangle yourself and find relief. At Absolute Awakenings we take every measure to build well rounded individualized care plans that include alternative therapies like muay thai alongside medication, and traditional therapies. Contact us today to talk through treatment options and discuss intake.

Yes, You Can Get Your Life Back. Call Absolute Awakenings Today.

With our trained and compassionate professionals in your corner, freedom can be yours. All it takes is you choose yourself. Choosing a better tomorrow.

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