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Paramus New Jersey Addiction Help

Drug abuse is a problem that can’t be ignored any longer, and now that it has taken hold of Paramus there’s a good chance that someone you know has been affected by addiction. 

What Does Addiction Help Mean?

Addiction help means working with a professional to complete a detox program and then begin working on the other aspects of a healthy recovery. Getting clean is only the first step, and once detox is finished the real work begins. Counselors and therapists will help the individual in recovery to better understand themselves, as well as the circumstances that lead them to use substances as a coping mechanism. 

Different Types of Addiction Programs in Paramus NJ

There are a few different treatment options in Paramus, and the two most popular are outpatient or intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs. These are known as IOPs and PHPs and are also considered two of the most effective treatment options currently available. The difference between the two is primarily the commitment of the individual recovering. 

The outpatient program is often one of the stepped-down methods for helping someone maintain recovery. They will sometimes only require a visit to the treatment facility once a week, or even just a few times per month. While they are considered to be outpatient, there is still a considerable amount of therapy and counseling that occurs during visits. The individual is still capable of living independently and largely managing their own life. 

Partial hospitalization programs are similar to outpatient treatment, since the recovering individual can still live independently or in a sober living facility, though the commitment needed for the treatment is much greater than for a less intensive outpatient program. With partial hospitalization, the individual is checked into a hospital or treatment facility for anywhere between 6 and 12 hours each day, usually for 5 or 6 days each week. During this time there are copious amounts of counseling sessions, both individual and group, as well as consistent sessions of psychotherapy.

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What Are the Addiction Statistics in Paramus NJ?

Paramus is in Bergen County, and while Bergen County may not have the same level of addiction needs as Morris County, for example, there are still people that have trouble with addiction and seek treatment for it. The most commonly treated addictive substance in Paramus is alcohol, accounting for 36% of all addiction treatments sought. The second most commonly treated addiction, however, is heroin, with 35% of treated addictions being for heroin addiction.

Even with such serious addiction issues as these, the vast majority of the treatment options in Paramus are for outpatient care and intensive outpatient care, which account for 33% and 27% of addiction treatments, respectively. The closest treatment method to these is only seen in 14% of all addictions and is for short-term residential care. One hopeful statistic is that of all addictions treatments that were sought, 35% of them were sought by the addicted individual in a self-referral situation, which means more and more people are actively seeking to recover from their addictions. 

Risk Factors for Addiction

Risk factors for addiction don’t necessarily mean that someone will absolutely become addicted to a particular substance, but they do indicate that there will be a higher likelihood of addiction in some situations. The most common risk factors for addiction include:

  • Genetics. There are still countless genetic components that we don’t yet understand, and many of them may directly be related to the chance of developing addiction to particular substances. Heredity plays a more significant role in who we become than many people realize.
  • Your environment. Teens and children who have suffered from adverse childhood events, or who have had inadequate parental involvement are much more likely to take risks and experiment with dangerous drugs or alcohol. Children may also mimic their friends’ behavior when peer pressure is at its highest in social settings. This is why it’s also important for those in recovery to understand and avoid environmental triggers. 
  • Individuals with a dual diagnosis or co-occurring conditions are far more likely to develop addictive behaviors. Common conditions that lead to dual diagnosis are panic or anxiety disorders, or other chronic medical or mental conditions. Even something as simple as a routine surgery can create a situation that causes someone to become addicted to painkillers through prescription drug misuse and addiction. 
  • Using a drug early in life also greatly increases the chance of addiction to that substance later in life. This can be seen in the higher proportion of adults that become addicted to a substance after first trying it when they are part of the 18-24 year old age range.
  • Methods of administration can also impact the tendency to become addicted. Drugs that must be injected are often able to have a more serious effect on the body and result in quicker or more rapid addictions. This is because they enter the bloodstream so quickly and begin altering body systems immediately.

Paramus New Jersey Addiction Help

One of the primary sources for drug rehab in Paramus, NJ is the Department of Human Services for New Jersey. They have a special division of addiction services that helps to plan and implement all aspects of the New Jersey substance abuse and prevention goals. There are resources such as hotlines and helplines, which can provide simple answers and helpful guidance. There are treatment provider directories, as well as directories of important personnel that oversee the addiction services. There are tips and strategies for avoiding drug abuse and alcohol abuse at the source, and a full list of treatment services that may be important to someone living with addiction.

Other Local Addiction Resources

The options for drug and alcohol rehab in Paramus, NJ can be overwhelming at times, but when you make the decision to get help, you’ll need to commit to one of the treatment options that are available to you. The best thing to do when you have made the decision to get help is to talk to someone who can help. To start, contact admissions for Absolute Awakenings and discuss what options may benefit you the most. You can discuss your treatment needs in a confidential environment and begin to create your treatment plan with your addiction professional. You can decide between options like the IOP or PHP, and make the appropriate level of commitment.