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Rockaway New Jersey Detox & Rehab

Drug and alcohol addiction are problems in our country that grow daily. Countless lives are affected by addiction, but addiction treatment and alcohol rehab in Rockaway is helping to minimize the destructive effects of addiction. 

Drug & Alcohol Abuse Statistics in Rockaway, NJ

One of the most commonly abused drugs in the whole state of New Jersey is heroin and other opioids like fentanyl. Fentanyl is an extremely powerful synthetic opioid and is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine. It is used in a variety of legitimate uses, including managing pain after surgery, but recently Rockaway and the rest of New Jersey have seen it become abused at higher and higher rates. 

Fentanyl is usable in many different forms. It can be injectible, taken in pill form, or even in a patch that can be applied directly to a painful area of the body. When obtained illegally, it can be found in a powder, a liquid form dropped onto blotter paper, or even incorporated into nasal sprays.

Substance & Alcohol Abuse Risk Factors

There are many risk factors to being at risk for developing substance use disorder or alcohol use disorder. One of the biggest risk factors is having one or more members of the immediate family having substance or alcohol use disorders diagnosed. Another significant risk factor for becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol is coming from poverty. There is also some indication that some of the individual’s base personality plays a significant role as well, in addition to co-occurring mental disorders. 

What is the Safest Way To Detox from Drugs & Alcohol?

The absolute safest way to detox from drugs and alcohol is to work with a professional addiction facility. Not only will they have the resources to help you reach your goals easier, but they will be able to help locate and enroll in options to help continue the recovery long into the future. The right facility will not only make sure that you’re sober but will help you achieve other milestones, such as helping you move back into independent living situations. 

Being sure you are working with a detox center that is going to be an asset to your recovery is essential. This is particularly important if the individual is addicted to a substance that can be dangerous or even deadly to attempt to detox solo from. Addictions to heroin or other opioids, as well as addiction to benzodiazepines and alcohol, will often require help from healthcare professionals. Some of the risks include stroke and seizure, and if medical complications are encountered and there is no safe way to detox from these substances alone.

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What can be Expected from A Local Rehab Program?

When finding a local drug rehab in Rockaway, you’re going to expect a particular level of care from the program. You should expect that there will be a clean and comfortable facility where the individual can whether the withdrawal symptoms of the acute withdrawal stage. These will often be extremely significant physical and mental symptoms that will begin taking their toll within a few hours after the final use of the substance. 

After the acute stage, there will be the post-acute stage. For many people, the post-acute withdrawal stage simply means more emotional and psychological withdrawal symptoms instead of the physical symptoms that often accompany the detox stage. Post-acute treatment and beyond will often require a significant amount of outpatient counseling, meetings, and group therapy sessions. In some cases, there may be a recommended partial hospitalization program to help in the step-down to more flexible and convenient outpatient programs.

What Comes After Rehab?

Once an individual completes a rehab program, there are many different options they can use to continue their treatment. The next steps in the continuum of care could be either a partial hospitalization program or an outpatient program. If the individual still needs considerable recovery efforts or may have co-occurring conditions that require mental health treatment or other mental health support services. 

Those with fewer challenges will generally be able to get into an outpatient program, which involves the individual getting counseling sessions as often as several times a day, to as infrequently as just a couple of times each month. The biggest benefit to an outpatient program, however, is that the individual can continue to live at home and meet their obligations for school, work, or childcare.

A partial hospitalization program or PHP is also a possibility for those that need more intensive scheduling and treatment. A PHP will require the individual to be checked into a healthcare facility for anywhere between 6 and 12 hours per day, most days of the week. This is ideal for individuals that face constant cravings, or who have significantly affected their ability to live an independent life. PHPs can also be used to step down care into a more flexible outpatient program when applicable.

Once you finish with the acute and post-acute withdrawal stages, there is still a considerable amount of healing and recovery that will be needed. A facility will need to have after-detox options like partial hospitalization, outpatient programs, and all of the meetings and counseling sessions that help give the best chances of success. 

Resources & Meetings for Recovery

Your detox and rehab facility should also connect you to an outpatient program or partial hospitalization program to help you continue your journey to sobriety. Find support groups in Rockaway to help you keep your goals in sight, and to make sure you always have a support network nearby. One of the most powerful techniques for ensuring an individual has a successful recovery is to make sure they have an extensive support network to help them when needed.

Groups and meetings are some of the most powerful methods for an individual to understand themselves as well as their addictions. They allow those with similar addictions and conditions to discuss their addictions in open, honest environments. They are built on trust and honesty and allow people to share and recover at their own pace. They also provide the framework for living in recovery and making sure an individual stays accountable for their actions and addiction.

Getting the Help You Need

If you or someone you care about may be struggling with addiction, and you are interested in enrolling in treatment, Absolute Awakenings can help you do great things. Reach out today to speak with an addiction professional, and start building your personalized treatment plan. Starting today makes successful recovery much more likely than putting it off.