Can You Get Addicted to Vyvanse?

Can You Get Addicted to Vyvanse?

Some individuals who become addicted to Vyvanse will begin to ingest the drug via other methods such as snorting or injecting the drug. Getting professional help for Vyvanse abuse is crucial.

Vyvanse is a prescription stimulant, most often used to treat the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (more commonly known as ADHD). This specific medication is comparable to other prescription stimulants like Adderall and Ritalin, though it has a reputation for being slightly less habit-forming. This does not mean that it is not an addictive substance Vyvanse addiction is extremely common amongst those who take the drug other than as prescribed by a medical professional.

Vyvanse works as an appetite suppressant, it may also be used in the treatment of compulsive overeating; however, this is far less common given its habit-forming nature. In short, while this medication was developed to help reduce the risk of abuse, it is still addictive, and an individual can still become addicted to it regardless of his or her background. Even those without a personal history of substance abuse are liable to develop a physical and psychological dependence if they take the drug other than as professionally instructed. 

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Why Abuse Vyvanse?

Why would someone abuse a prescription medication like Vyvanse? There are many potential reasons. Some of the most common reasons behind prescription stimulant abuse include:

  • Weight loss. As previously mentioned, this medication reduces appetite and therefore facilitates weight loss. An individual who is struggling with an eating disorder such as anorexia nervosa or compulsive overeating might turn to Vyvanse to lose weight quickly. This is an extremely unhealthy behavior and can lead to serious health-related complications. 
  • To improve the ability to study and perform well in school. Like other prescription stimulants, Vyvanse is widely known as a “study drug.” College students often take this medication before cramming for a big test or before writing a major paper to increase their focus and their ability to pay attention. Unfortunately, many students unwittingly develop a psychological dependency because of these habits. 
  • The slow development of a physical dependency – this does not necessarily have to be because an individual was abusing Vyvanse. Physical dependence can occur even if the drug is being taken as prescribed by a physician.

Short and Long-Term Effects of Vyvanse Abuse

There are several short-term effects of repetitive Vyvanse use, which include:

  • The building of tolerance, meaning the individual will require a greater amount of Vyvanse to achieve a “high.” 
  • Withdrawal symptoms that go hand-in-hand with abruptly ceased use. 
  • A lack of inhibition and increased risk-taking behaviors. 
  • Increased focus. 
  • Feelings of being better than others/superior to others/invincible. 
  • Being more sociable and talkative. 
  • Increased energy. 
  • Inexplicable mood swings/abrupt changes in mood. 

There are several long-term effects of repetitive Vyvanse use, that can include:

  • Heart problems like heart palpitations and heart disease. 
  • Psychological issues like paranoia, hallucinations, and psychosis. 
  • Serious health-related complications that can be life-threatening, like seizures. 
  • Weight loss leading to malnutrition. 

Some individuals who become severely addicted to Vyvanse will begin to ingest the drug via other methods. Traditionally, Vyvanse is a pill that is consumed orally. However, those that become addicted might begin to snort it (use it nasally) or inject it (use it intravenously). Intravenous drug use poses a unique set of issues, including collapsed veins, track lines, abscesses, infections in the lining of the heart, overdose, and the contraction of certain diseases like hepatitis or HIV. 

Recovery from Vyvanse Dependency

At Absolute Awakenings, we understand the devastation that goes hand-in-hand with Vyvanse addiction, and we are available to help. If you or someone you love is struggling with a prescription stimulant addiction of any kind, simply give us a call today and we will do everything in our power to get you started on the road to recovery as quickly as possible. Our comprehensive, accredited program helps those with a Vyvanse addiction overcome their dependence once and for all, and begin a better way of life – the life we know they deserve.