Does Alcoholism Encourage Domestic Violence

Does Alcoholism Encourage Domestic Violence

There is a chance that those who suffer from alcoholism will experience a major and noticeable change in behavior that can turn violent.

The symptoms of alcohol abuse and alcoholism vary on a person-to-person basis, though there is a very good chance that everyone who suffers at the hands of an alcohol abuse disorder will experience a major and noticeable change in behavior. They will begin acting in ways they never thought they would act, pushing their loved ones away and prioritizing alcohol over everything else. Sadly, many individuals – both men and women – who struggle with alcoholism engage in domestic violence.

The Link Between Alcohol Abuse and Domestic Violence

The World Health Organization reports that excessive alcohol consumption plays a major role in recurring intimate partner violence – a form of violence that causes sexual, psychological or physical harm to one or both partners involved in a romantic relationship. Not only does alcohol consumption directly affect cognitive functioning and lower inhibitions, but ongoing alcoholism within a partnership can lead to a host of serious issues like financial insecurity, discrepancies with parenting and infidelity. It is also possible for domestic violence to precede alcoholism. In some cases, issues within a partnership can lead one or both individuals to drink excessively as a means of self-medication. 

Does Alcoholism Encourage Domestic Violence?

Breaking the Cycle of Violence and Alcoholism

The US National Library of Medicine published a study titled, “Patterns of domestic violence and alcohol consumption among women and the effectiveness of a brief intervention in a household setting: a protocol study.” This study suggests that, contrary to popular belief, domestic violence often occurs when the female in the household is intoxicated. If you or your spouse has been abusing alcohol and have started fighting more or engaging in abusing behavior, it is crucial that professional addiction treatment is immediately sought. In order to break the cycle of domestic abuse, alcohol must be completely removed from the equation. 

Another study published by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism suggests that aggression is one of the predominant symptoms associated with long-term alcohol abuse in women and in men. Alcohol actively lowers inhibitions while preventing normal cognitive functioning, leading to violent tendencies and angry outbursts. If you have noticed that someone you love is undergoing major mood swings marked by anger, irritability and aggression, it might be because of an alcohol abuse disorder. Fortunately addiction treatment programs like the one provided by Absolute Awakenings are geared towards helping individuals overcome alcoholism while mending interpersonal relationships. 

Alcoholism Treatment at Absolute Awakenings

At Absolute Awakenings, we offer a comprehensive program of alcohol abuse and addiction recovery. We understand just how far-reaching the implications of alcoholism can be, therefore we have developed an integrated and individualized program that tackles physical, emotional and mental health. It is not uncommon for men and women who have been suffering at the hands of an alcohol abuse disorder to engage in behavior that they would never engage in if they were not heavily and consistently intoxicated. When someone who has been abusing alcohol for years finally sobers up, he or she might be hit with an overwhelming wave of guilt and shame.

The individual might think things like, “How could I have acted like that?” “How could I have continued to hurt the people that I love so much?” “I’m a bad person, only a bad person would conduct themselves in that manner.” “I’ve ruined everything; I’ve destroyed all of my interpersonal relationships, so why even go through the trouble of getting sober?” Our team of highly experienced therapists works alongside clients to help them overcome these feelings and go on to lead happy and emotionally healthy lives. If you have been struggling with an alcohol abuse disorder and need help to stop, give Absolute Awakenings a call today.