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Local Resources & Information for Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment Guide For Drug & Alcohol Dependence in Elizabeth

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Addiction Treatment in Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a beautiful part of New Jersey that offers a number of activities and attractions to visitors and residents alike. Unfortunately, Elizabeth also suffers from an issue common in many cities – substance abuse and mental health disorders.

Addressing addiction is a pressing issue in Elizabeth, and ensuring that individuals struggling with substance abuse have access to the necessary assistance is crucial. Thankfully, Elizabeth offers numerous treatment facilities that provide comprehensive, individualized programs. These are designed to accommodate each person’s unique needs and recovery objectives.

Types of Addiction Treatment in Elizabeth

In Elizabeth, a comprehensive range of addiction treatment options are available to cater to specific conditions and individual preferences. These include:

How to Choose a Drug Rehab Center in Elizabeth

Selecting the right drug rehab center in Elizabeth is crucial for recovery. However, making the right decision can feel overwhelming with several choices available. Here are some considerations to help guide your decision:

  • Assess Your Needs:Every individual’s journey with addiction is unique. Understanding your specific needs, such as the type of substance used, the severity of addiction, any underlying mental health issues, and personal recovery goals, can guide you toward a suitable treatment program.
  • Inpatient vs. Outpatient:Consider whether an inpatient or outpatient program is best for you. Inpatient programs offer intensive residential care, while outpatient programs provide more flexibility. The choice often depends on the severity of the addiction and personal circumstances.
  • Specialized Treatment: If you have specific needs, such as dual diagnosis (co-occurring mental health conditions), look for centers that offer specialized treatment programs.
  • Aftercare Support: Recovery continues well after the initial treatment phase. Centers that provide aftercare support or assist in creating an aftercare plan can help ensure long-term sobriety.
  • Quality of Care: Look for centers with a reputation for providing high-quality care. This could mean well-trained staff, personalized treatment plans, a low patient-to-counselor ratio, and positive reviews from past patients.
  • Insurance Coverage: Check whether the center accepts your insurance and what treatments your plan covers.

Sober Living Houses in Elizabeth

Sober living houses[3] in Elizabeth play a vital role in the continuum of care for individuals recovering from substance abuse. These residences provide a safe, drug-free environment that supports residents returning to everyday life post-rehabilitation. They offer the structure and stability needed during this critical phase while also allowing residents the freedom to work, attend school, or partake in other daily activities.

In addition to providing a supportive living environment, sober living houses in Elizabeth often promote community engagement, self-sufficiency, and peer support. Regular group meetings, communal responsibilities, and strict house rules help residents maintain their sobriety while fostering personal growth and responsibility.

For many, residing in a sober living house is a pivotal step towards sustained recovery and a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

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Emergency Services for Addiction in Elizabeth

Trinitas Regional Medical Center

  • 225 Williamson St, Elizabeth, NJ 07202
  • 908-994-5000
  • Open 24 Hours

Sanitas Medical Center

  • 240 Williamson St Suite 402, Elizabeth, NJ 07202
  • 833-617-0501
  • Open 8am-5pm Monday-Friday

Elizabeth Police Department

  • 1 Police Plaza, Elizabeth, NJ 07201
  • 908-558-2000
  • Open 24 Hours

Elizabeth Fire Department HQ

  • 411 Irvington Ave, Elizabeth, NJ 07208
  • 908-820-2800
  • Open 24 Hours

Community Resources for Mental Health & Addiction

Dual Diagnosis Anonymous

SMART Recovery

For a SMART Recovery meeting near me, for in-person and online options.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous

Narcan Classes and Overdose Prevention Training

Local Stats You Need to Know

The increasing number of deaths related to opioid use in New Jersey is a severe public health issue. Although there has been a slight decline in overdoses leading to death as of late, these figures nevertheless remain high.[4] For example, 2017 saw a rise in overdose fatalities from preceding years, with the total hitting around 2,750.

Most recently, Union County saw 126 non-fatal overdoses and 25 fatal overdoses from the start of 2020 through mid-July 2022, many of which could have been prevented through better access to treatment services.[5]

In contrast to these bleak numbers, Elizabeth has been actively striving to lower the incidence of opioid dependency within its community. The town runs a proactive harm-reduction program and houses numerous treatment centers, granting residents access to potentially life-saving services.

Local Stats You Need to Know: Absolute Awakenings

Help for Addiction in Elizabeth

Addiction represents a significant issue in Elizabeth, and it is crucial for individuals struggling with substance abuse to get the right help. Fortunately, various treatment facilities in the city provide tailored programs designed to accommodate each individual’s specific situation and objectives for recovery.

If you or someone close to you is wrestling with addiction in Elizabeth, do not delay contacting us for an assessment and advice on suitable treatment options. You are not alone in this struggle – professional assistance can lead you toward a brighter, healthier tomorrow.

Sober Activities in Elizabeth

Union offers a variety of sober activities for individuals looking for enjoyable and engaging ways to spend their time. These recreational options can enhance your recovery journey by providing healthy distractions, promoting physical wellness, and fostering social connections. Here are some sober activities you can enjoy in Union:

  • Experience a range of performances, from music concerts to theater productions, at the Union County Performing Arts Center. This historic venue provides a cultural experience that can be enjoyed without the need for substances.
  • Embrace the outdoors and explore the wonders of nature at the Trailside Nature & Science Center, a popular destination for nature lovers.
  • Whether ice skating in the winter or paddle-boating in the summer, the Warinanco Sports Center provides year-round recreational activities.
  • Dive into history by visiting the Liberty Hall Museum, a national landmark that offers insights into New Jersey’s past.
  • Attend a yoga class at any one of the several studios nearby.

Paying for Treatment in Elizabeth

The journey to recovery is an investment in your health and future. However, the financial aspect of treatment can often be a concern. In Elizabeth, several options are available to help manage the cost of addiction treatment.


It is important to note that many health insurance plans include coverage for addiction treatment, such as detox, inpatient, outpatient, and aftercare services. To determine the extent of your coverage, you should speak with your insurance provider and review your plan details.


Personal loans or credit cards can also be used to finance treatment. However, it’s important to consider the long-term implications and interest rates before choosing this option.

Payment Plans:

If you don’t have insurance or prefer not to use it, self-payment is another option. Many treatment centers offer payment plans or sliding scale fees based on income, making it more affordable than paying a lump sum.

Grants and Scholarships:

There are grants and scholarships available for addiction treatment that some organizations offer. These awards are typically based on financial need and can greatly reduce costs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Attending Rehab in Elizabeth

Can I attend rehab in Elizabeth while still working or going to school?

Yes, many rehab centers in Elizabeth offer outpatient programs that can be scheduled around work or school commitments. However, the intensity of the addiction may require more focused treatment, like residential programs. It’s crucial to discuss these options with a healthcare professional.

What kind of support will I receive during treatment in Elizabeth?

Elizabeth rehab centers provide a comprehensive support system, including medical professionals, therapists, and peer support groups. This ensures you receive medical care, psychological support, and encouragement from those who understand your journey.

Are family members involved in the rehab process in Elizabeth?

Often, yes. Many rehab centers in Elizabeth recognize the importance of family support in the recovery process and offer family therapy sessions and educational programs about addiction and recovery.

Do Elizabeth rehab centers treat dual diagnosis?

Yes, many rehab centers in Elizabeth are equipped to treat dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders. This means they can concurrently handle both substance abuse issues and mental health conditions, providing a holistic approach to recovery.

Will I learn skills to prevent relapse at an Elizabeth rehab center?

Absolutely. Rehab programs in Elizabeth focus on equipping individuals with the necessary tools and coping strategies to deal with triggers and prevent relapses. This is often achieved through various therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and educational workshops.


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